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February 26, 2006


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" O scholars, you are mistaken; there's no creator or creation there.

There's no radiant form, no time, no word, no flesh, or faith;no
cause or effect, or even a thought of the Vedas.

There's no Hari or Brahma, no Shiva or Shakti, no pilgrinages or

There is no mother, no father, no Guru; think! Is it two or is it

Kabir says: if you understand this, you are the teacher and I am the

There, what form or shape is there to describe? What second,
what 'other', is there to see?

In the beginning, there is no Aum, or Veda. Who can trace His birth?

There, no sky exists, no moon or sun; no father's seed, no air, fire,
water or earth.

Who can name Him, or know His will?

Who can say from whence He comes?

Remembering the Void, the simple One, a light bursts forth;

I offer myself to that Existance who is non-existance."

Kabir Sahib - Bijak, Shastri, p 42-43

I tried to leave a Wu comment, but your system won't allow it. So, here's something in place of my nothing.


You're right about TypePad's insistence on something rather than nothing, Rambling Taoist. The preceding was the best I could do myself.

And for sure it's the wisest thing I'll write or say all day.

So, how did you accomplished the above nothingness?

Ah, Rambling Taoist, sometimes apparent nothingness is not true nothingness. In the midst of nothing there is something. Otherwise, how would we know the difference between nothing and something?

...Woo Woo...(sound of a train a'comin)...Woo Woo...

But does the panther have Buddha-nature?

Im sorry to say its impossible to reach your goal of nothingness. However, I can guarentee you will reach a distributed unconsciousness state. ;p

love the wu. to paraphrase Umberto Eco (in Foucault's Pendulum): the true initiate cannot be coerced in to giving up the secret, no enemy can torture it from him, no jealous rival can coax it from him, because the true initiate knows that there is no secret

and modern neuroscience seems to say that self is an illusion

love the wu--I am nobody

Just a silly doubt.
Does Ric Flair practice Woo...????


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