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February 12, 2006


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When I first came face to face with these fears.... The fear of living forever was almost as bad as not existing at all.

My father, who was a minister, put it into perspective for me.. He said that he would fear existing forever if there was no possibility of continual growth or understanding.

I can sympathize with this position.

But facing these fears has forced me to simplify my faith.

I try to live in the moment as much as I can.

heaven, hell, existence, non-existence I can't do much of anything about them.. But my family, friends, this place I live and myself i can try to do something about.

It might not be much, but it is 'something'.

It light of this view...it becomes a great treasure to give something to someone, to make them happy. Even the attempt to do so is worth something.

I know some might read this and think...'how small a view'...but for me it is huge.

To see a loved ones happiness is bliss for me. To see them become thoughtful, caring, empathetic and giving people is 'heaven'.

To become secure and happy in the here and now is not about vanquishing all fears...but about finding a working balance or perspective from which to operate from.

I think I'll always have a little fear of living forever and Not-being at all...

If I wake up after death....I still think I'll take a nap every few millenia just to keep things in perspective.

I think that WayOutWesley paraphrased Jesus teachings when he said:

"But facing these fears has forced me to simplify my faith.

I try to live in the moment as much as I can."

After reading Paul Tillich, my sense of being and non-being changed to focus on the being now and try (not so successfully) not to allow fear of non-being to destroy my being.

Could we conclude that the Sermon On the Mount is addressing the ultimate fear from our ignorance of non-being?

The only reason I would say I wouldn't want you to cut my throat is because you would only be creating yourself karmas.


Five years on i wonder if you ever conquered your fear of non existence?

Perhaps you found some particular words of wisdom of perhaps you have put it to the back of your mind?

A penny for your thoughts.

Oh, and thanks for creating this site. It has been a useful outlet.


Chris, being a blogger, I'll share my thoughts for less than a penny. Tonight's blog post, which I'm about to start writing, will be about the question you asked. I'll share some approaches to the fear of non-existence which appeal to me. May be some repetition with previous posts, but that's fine.

Brian, Have you ever listented to John COltrane, the later years, after 1959. I highly recommend, starting with "A Love Supreme" . Listen with open ears and heart and let the music do the talking. Peace

My first Thoughts Of Non-existance Was 6 or 7 years old laying in bed, It Comes Down To An Appreciation for each breathe, To Live For Each Day In The Moment, Understanding That Love Is Eternal & The Only Reason For Existance... The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself, Because Death Is Non Existant...

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