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February 16, 2006


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I think you misjudge a bit what goes on at Birmingham meetings. A speaker can participate, but it doesn't have to necessarily be the founder. People can present their views, and then discuss them. There's nothing bad about having certain topics for certain meetings (which are based on a presentation, a reading usually).
Also, this meeting was recorded and as such was handled a bit differently since it was one of the more important occasions. A speech was required, and who else to hold it?
I know Vox a bit and one of the last things he does is impose his conclusions about the universe. He even is reluctant to discuss them for this reason...

H, thanks for your thoughts. I realized that the "CNN meeting" was special and needed to be stage-managed to some extent.

The point I was trying to make is that Universism Central decided that the image they wanted to convey via CNN was of a speaker talking to an audience (as contrasted with a leaderless discussion group sitting in a circle, or whatever).

The symbology of the CNN meeting setting thus seemed sort of important to me. Maybe I'm making too much out of nothing.

It just struck me that in a traditional church a preacher gets up in front of the congregation and preaches. I don't think the world needs another religion (though Universism bills itself as such). So my bias is toward leaderless-ness, and minimal organization.

I guess my main criticism of Universism is that it is showing signs of becoming what it supposedly is an alternative to: organized religion.

A valid observation and a good point.


Yeah alot of good points in this review, while i feel that there inevitably must have been quite a bit of coreographing in those news stories to paint a specific impression for viewers there are alot of things that could be clarified and strengthened in the way the group concerts itself, and presents.

" the sienfeld of religeons " I don't know where this bunk came from but it was obviously emphasized for humor and as a belittling dismissing tool to describe the group as a religeous know nothings group.

Also while i see alot of older members in the group it seemed as though they focused on relatively young members to interview, and that the way the group was described in their summaries seemed to lack any real knowledge of even the most basic outlines of the group on the front page of the website.

" Herding cats, Universism's challenge" an apt and excellent way to describe the main problem which will plague the groups ability to gain real traction throughout even it's already agreeing target audience.

People of reasoning have always been divided, its important and worthwhile to make the effort to support one another under some banner, one which does not force anyone to conform their feelings and thoughts to any hard ruled mantra, in this way only can there be success among these discerning types of people.

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