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January 12, 2006


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I came to the very same conclusion myself, about less than one second after I read that news on my home-page this morning. Religion is allowed to continue practices which, "according the US Surgeon General", are obviously dangerous or harmfull to the health and welfare of human beings. This is just another example of archaic religious superstitions lingering on into the 21st century....and it's not only in Arabia, its right here in middle-America as well.

Absolutely, Tao. If there was an automobile, or a prescription drug, with so many dangerous flaws or side effects as fundamentalist religions have, it would be recalled or taken off of the market.

Yet somehow when it comes to religion people are willing to put up with absurd crap that they'd never tolerate in other areas of life. As bad as it is, even the Windows operating system works better than religion, which says a lot about the sorry state of religiosity.

You "throw stones" at "Muslim fundamentalists," call religions idiotic, and want to vomit because of the the willingness of others to follow religious practices. It sounds like you are suffering from your own negative emotions and inner conflict over an inability to resolve your differences with the beliefs you used to adhere to. How does generalizing and stereotyping "others" that do follow beliefs help?

By the way, I don't agree with your choice of automobiles and prescription drugs to demonstrate how people don't tolerating crap in non-religious areas of life. Millions of people drive in unsafe cars on unsafe roads, exposing themselves to the danger of distracted, drugged, imcomptetent, hostile, and otherwise unsafe drivers everyday. Over 40,000 die because of this every year. Is that rational? Every day we are held hostage by our need for oil? Is that rational? And prescription drugs are definitely not safe?

Perhaps as many were killed in the name of creating societies free from religion in the last century as were killed in the name of religion.

It's human nature, not just religion, that needs to be studied.

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