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January 14, 2006


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Well Brian that reminds me of an old friend of mine, Ed F., who passed on about 1980. In 1976 he had gotten interested in meditation and so I had explained to him how I meditated and how easy it was to leave your body and enter the Astral world. After practicing this technique for a couple of months Ed came to my office and explained that he had been successful in his mediation and indeed was able to leave his body. However, in every instance when he left his body he saw a little black being in the corner of the room and he got frightened and returned to his body.

This made me laugh, and I told Ed that in all my years of meditation and in leaving my body I had never seen anything harmful. I told him he would never have a problem because he was very positive, a good person and would never attract anything negative. A few days later Ed returned to my office and told me that he could now leave his body and explore the astral world. I asked him if the black being had left and he laughed and said that what he actually saw was only a shadow. When he left his body he was in his astral house, a sort of a reflection of the house on this plane, which is much like the physical. The lamp was on in both the physical and astral rooms and the back entity was nothing more than a shadow cast by the lamp.

So you see how our imagination can cause us to perceive things that are not real .

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