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January 06, 2006


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Has anybody who reads this blog ever been successful in meditating 2.5 hours for two years or more ?

Just curious if anyone has first hand knowledge of what happens..

Opps, I meant to say 2.5 hours EVERYDAY for 2 or more years.

Stephen, I have the qualifications and first hand knowledge to reply to your question.

Short answer: not much.

I'd be glad to elaborate on this response when I have more time (I'm not off to meditate--need to go pick up some generator accessories).

Yes, i'd like to here your elboration !


I have a family member almost begging me to return to the Catholic Church.

You know, I was raised Catholic, and for various reasons, became drawn to the inner path and meditation, and was involved with RSSB or Sant Mat for nearly 25 years.

Since I respect the person who is pleading for my return, I thought that I would check it out. After all, there have been some very progressive thinkers and theologians within the Catholic clergy since the dawn of Vatican 2, Thomas Berry, Bede Griffith, Tony De Mello, and Thomas Merton, to name a few. Plus, the interest in inter-religious dialogue and Eastern spiritual practice has been encouraging.

So I thought, what do I have to loose, I'll check it out!

Well, the other day, while roaming around a bookstore in Petaluma, I came across a book entitled, Catholicism for Dummies, that explains the basic articles of faith, doctrines, etc.

Interestingly, if this book is accurate, and I believe it is, the core of Catholic doctricnes on faith have not changed one iota from the pre-Vatican 2 Days. In fact, reading about this stuff was so frightful and "re-stimulating" to me, that I broke into a sweat.

Here are a few points mentioned.

- The Bible is the "inspired", error-free, and revealed word of God.

- Attending a vigil Mass on Saturday evening or going to Mass on Sunday is obligatory; failure to do so without a resaonable excuse, such as illness, is considered a grave sin.

- Unrepentant and unforgiven mortal sins (such as missing Mass), result in eternal punishment.

- The Catholic believer must trust that what's being taught is indeed the truth. After knowing what the church believes, the Catholic is then asked to believe all that they have been told.

- Regarding the Sanctity of the Church; individually, members of the church are capable of sinning, but as something founded by Christ himself to save souls, the Church as a whole can't sin.

- The Pope is infallible or incapable of error when he teaches doctrine on faith or morals. Infallible statements can never be be contradicted, rejected, or disputed.

- A human being is a union of body and soul, so death is just the momentary separation of body and soul until the end of the world, the Second Coming of Christ, the General Judgment, and the resurrection of the dead. The just go, body and soul, into heaven, and the damned go, body and soul, into hell.

and the list goes on.....

The Catholic Church is still very creepy and fear-based regardless of what the more liberal clergy may believe and write.

As Kramer and Alstad mentioned in Guru Papers, the Catholic Church will most likely move in a more conservative direction since the revisions desired by the more liberal-minded members would ultimately undermine the basic authority and credibility of the Church.

And, Almightly Rome, ain't going to go for that!


since we are dealing with the eternal in meditation our concept of time is warped. sometimes people get the sound and light right away, and others spend a lifetime in what feels like fruitless action. i have been meditating for 25 years in the san mat tradition. the coin of the kingdom is love. it is all love. results are almost meaningless. sometimes, however, expriences can act as an impetus to let you know you are in the right or wrong place.
those that need it get it.


I liked the last two quotes which says it all in a nushell:

"If we are dissatisfied, not with anything in particular but with everything, then I think we shall find that our discontent brings clarity. When we don’t accept or follow, but question, investigate, penetrate, there is an insight out of which come creativity, joy." -- and -- "..when you are are sick at heart of everything that you have been pursuing so far and you are sick of the pursuit itself, then your heart will attain a great clarity, an insight that will cause you mysteriously to delight in everything and in nothing."

in view of this, why is it that some commenters insist on posting various rigid assertions about their own particular spiritual paths, masters, meditations, and beliefs, with the assumption that the other readers should be following whatever spiritual path, teacher/master, meditation, or belief, that they themselves subscribe to ?

to put it in a simple phrase, the old saying "to each his own", says it best. everyone is just exactly where they need to be for that moment. no one needs to be told what is "the right path", "the right master", " the right belief", etc etc. everyone will come to there own conclusions, in their own way, and in their own time. if someone is seeking, then share....if they are not, then let them be. life is an evolving learning experience. it is an imposition to try to tell others how to think, or what they should believe, or who they should follow.

Stephen, yes I have meditated for many years, too many to count for 2.5 hours a day or longer. I have written a book and used much of the exploration that occurred.


Endorsement inquiry Alert

Dear Reader,

This is not imperative but would be nice.

The first edit is back from the editor and Net would like to know if anyone (with verifiable credentials) is interested in providing her with an endorsement for the book—will need it within one week?

She can let ya read a chapter or two—will send via email. If interested please leave Net a message ttt and she will respond via direct email.

[email protected]

Serious posts only please.
Thank you


PS: Brian too bad that priest is dead--I'd like to have him be a reader...

If anyone wants pass this note along please do. I need replies by Tuesday

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