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January 18, 2006


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"Compassion in Dying of Oregon deserves a lot of credit for helping make Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act such a success."

I'm sure that Jesus Christ... N0, wait, I meant to say Heinrich Himmler, Dr. Philip Bouhler, Dr. Viktor Brack, Dr. Carl Clauberg, Dr. Leonardo Conti and countless other Nazi doctors would be proud of your state of oregon!

Oh, my... I forgot to mention oregon's favorite;

Dr. Joseph Mengele

Mengele was the most visible camp doctor at Auschwitz and was known as the "Angel of Death". He developed a theory that humans, like dogs, had pedigrees (Snyder, 1976). He performed vivisections, injected chemicals into living peoples' eyes to try to change them, and perpetrated many horrific twin studies (few of which demonstrated anything that could be considered remotely of value). He fled after the war and was never captured. {Maybe he fled to your wonderful state}

"Heil! Oregon"

Cheri, judging from the tone of your comment you have a profound misunderstanding of Oregon's death with dignity (assisted suicide) law. It is exactly the opposite of Nazism, which took control away from people.

Oregon gives freedom and control to people. Terminally ill people with less than six months to live can choose to end their own life at a moment and place of their own choosing. They take the fatal dose themselves; it isn't given to them by a doctor or anyone else.

Plus, the person has to be certified as not-depressed and capable of making his or her own decisions. Thus Oregon's law is dedicated to allowing capable people to remain free up to and including the way they choose to die, when death is imminent.

You're free to dislike Oregon's death with dignity act, but it is popular with Oregonians. We have a pioneer spirit and the patriotic attitude, "Don't tread on me."

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