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December 03, 2005


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cheers! am still in the process of getting you linked on my blog, like your style too by the way.... blasphemy!

Hmmm, could not find way to enter contest. Maybe its bogus.??

Sugguest you consider the Altairian Religious Order. Why is it the ONE Religion?

Easy. THe motto of the Order is: "ARO, The belief in Reality and the search for its measure".

1) its a belief system because its what we believe. We cant prove much of what we believe but we do have listed reasons why we believe it.

2) We believe in Reality, that what is. If there is a God and he shows up one day and says worship me, well, OK. Now that we have something concrete to worship, fine. :-) For now we are just trying to figure out what is real.

3) We have a structure and rules and tenets and more. Just ask. One of our rules is "We do not Preach." Not really any benefit to it.

4) We are very different from most organized religions. While we do not have a specific God that we worship, we are on a quest, we have a mission.

5) While we are not huge ( no one said you have to be big to be right :-) ) we have people from Austrialia to the US to the Netherlands. We are not vocal (no one said the loudest is the most right). We allow and even require our members to question what we believe, because, well, we know we are not perfect. But by constantly working to improve, we will get better and better.

6) And finally, we are right. Since by definition, Reality is what really is, and we believe in reality, well, we must be right. :-) Of course, we are still working hard on the details.

So. Please send check or money order for the 25,000 yen. While we would prefer dollars, hey, we are small and are happy to accept anything.

OH, by the way. We do like questions. No preaching, but questions are fine. Check out the web site for an address to send them to. An Elder will get back to you at their earliest convience.

Yours in all sense of being right, :-)
Elder Norm

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