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December 07, 2005


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I think there is a spectrum of inclinations between reason and emotion as well as between intellect and intuition. Furthermore, the position that one assumes can change depending upon his or her results in whatever endeavor they are engaged. For example, I am an electrical and mechanical engineer. On one occasion I was asked to investigate a problem in which a process was shut down due to an electrical problem. As I walked out to investigate the situation it occurred to me as to what the problem was, even though I was not the least bit familiar with the process or the equipment. It was just a feeling, but naturally I investigated my hunch first and as it turned out I was correct and the process was put back in working order promptly.

While my intuition is not always 100% correct it is often right on the money and that makes me a pretty good trouble shooter in my profession. In this example if I had been wrong in my hunch, I would have resorted to a more scientific approach.

In the case with Sant Mat, or any other religion or philosophy for that matter, if one practices and has the expected results then they have few doubts. However, if they do not have results, and we assume they are practicing their meditation, then doubt creeps in and they become more skeptical and perhaps more scientific in their outlook.

So I think the results one is getting in any particular endeavor more often determine or reflect where ones sits in that spectrum between absolute faith and absolute doubt. Thus my inclination toward the faithful is generally - "Hey, if they seem sure of the way things are, well, probably they're right."

Thanks for the kind words. Great site.

The reference from "Spiritual Link" is not understood correctly.

What it suggests is that asking questions beyond a limit is not worth its time. Instead of spending time on never ending questions, if people start investing time on meditation based on faith then the questions might not be relevant at all after seeing the inner spiritual progress.

Try to check the meaning of mysticism. Dictionary will state that its beyond perceptual or intellectual apprehension.

:-) So one needs to have faith when its beyond understanding. Else spend the whole life in vague searches and questioning.

Parents must have felt the same at times about the questions of their children. Parents try to answer but they know that children have not understood completely and they also know that when they grow they will understand. And children do learn the answers later because they grow and learn based on the faith on parents and their answers.

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