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December 22, 2005


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Your post reminds me of a story my father told me not too long ago. My father (a UCC minister who is the go-to funeral guy where he lives) did a funeral for a man who'd had a near death experience while in the hospital. Instead of seeing loved ones waiting at the light, this man saw Jesus. Absolutely positively knew it was Jesus. The kicker was that he was Jewish. Not observant (clearly, as Dad did the funeral) but still afterwards, never felt the need to convert. I think I would have liked the Jesus he saw!

One sincere “I’m just like you” Dalai Lama is worth hundreds of holier-than-thou religious pretenders

Amen! (No pun intended.) Love that Lama.

I didn't catch the program, although I did see a preview for it. My problem with "Heaven" is that it seems to focus on very materialistic perks - roads paved with gold, all you can eat without the pounds, "72 virgins," (um, ew?!) and the like. At least, that is what people perceive it to be. I'd like to think that an afterlife, if there is one, would transcend such shallow things. Where you join the light and all that jazz.

I myself lean more toward the Buddhist philospohy. And it's just an added bonus that Richard Gere is one! Haha.

One of the Muslim spokesmen in the special talked about how God provides both male and female virgins continuously for the enjoyment of those martyrs in heaven. Sounds like a brothel to me!


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