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December 13, 2005


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Finally, a point of view that makes sense, good work.

Great take! I'm a big fan of your site btw.

This also reminds me of the little tirade I went into with my fiancee the other day, when she responded "i wouldn't want to be catholic" when I told her that I'm liking them Catholics more and more (in light of their stance towards evolution and science in general). The background is she's christian and I'm not anything (quite proudly so). I understood that her inherent repulsion towards Catholicism has to do with certain stereotypes and conventional imageries. But my point was that since no two christians, nor two muslims, nor two mormoms, etc, actually share the complete same set of believes, their differences are only quantitative, not qualitative. Given how a muslim may agree with another on 99% of things, and yet have a certain vehement belief that would make her totally un-muslim or even (say) catholic-like. The whole hierarchical labeling of belief systems simply cannot reflect the diversity of human world views. One's willingness/unwillingness to associate oneself with certain labels (protestant, christian, whathaveyou) is simply artificial, and are only there because we tend to care about how others think of us when they hear that I'm a this or that. That's it. You are still who you are and your set of believes are not affected whether I start calling myself a universist or a satanist, etc.

I think I managed to convince her of this point. Now, convincing her that I should get a subscription to Playboy though might be a totally different story...


Well, there really *are* some good articles in Playboy...


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