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November 17, 2005


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One Universist is quoted in that LA Times article as saying: "Our only firm belief is that we're uncertain about everything".

Well it may be a good thing to approach the mystery of existence 'with an empty cup', in order that it may become filled, but over indulgence in perpetual doubt can become like a mobius strip. In other words, one can go round and round, but never come to the end of the quest, because the surface of the strip has no beginning and no end. It turns in upon itself. Similarly, to indulge in endless doubt and uncertainty, is not likely to lead anywhere, but to more doubt and uncertainity. So why even bother? Why not simply live Life to the fullest extent and see that it is enough to be completely present without troubling oneself with the mystery of the unknown, and even more so, the un-knowable*.

* Note: For those who may find that unfamiliar: The "unknown" is simply that which is not presently known, but which may be possible to know. On the other hand, the "un-knowable" is that which is forever beyond all possiblity of being able to be known.

However, I would suggest and recommend that, instead of resorting to endless intellectual debate (apart from the enjoyment and entertainment of coffee-house socializing), and the stagnation of uncertainty promoted by Universism (which is a bit like spiritual 'Luddism'), a seeker might make more progress by the pursuit and application of real introspection and sincere self-inquiry. Self-inquiry has great potential to bring one much closer to truly understanding the paradox and mystery of existence, and the questions about the nature and existence (or not) of God.

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