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November 23, 2005


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Of course, the always-unspoken corrolary to "God answered our prayers and we found you" is: God ignored the prayers of those other parents who never found their kid until he was hurt or dead.

Must be nice for those Disneyland people to be amongst the very few to whom God actually listens.

Thanks for taking sharp aim at this creepy creeping crap of bad religion called "intelligent design". It's about time us sensible folks say "enough" to this moldy old skeleton of medieval religious superstition, that is being foisted upon our children, schools, and society. If these people wish to live in the dark ages, that is their own damn problem, but we must now fiercely rally against their invasion of the public domain.

Just as the deciptful facist NWO neo-cons have hi-jacked the old conservative politics, and have plunged the entire free-world society head-long towards a chain-reaction of global diaster, the Christian religious fundamentalists masquerading under the guise of "intelligent design", are hi-jacking science in order to impose their archaic religious agenda and unfounded beliefs upon free-thinking society.

These "intelligent design" Christians are just as dangerous to secular society, as are the Islamic fundamentalists. Both wish to aggressively impose and force their religion and beliefs upon others.

The free-thinkers of the world must not allow this to continue. We already have enough trouble dealing with those who wish to curtail our constitutional rights and rob us of our wealth. We do not need fundamentalist Christians imposing their "design" upon us and our children's "intelligence". I encourge all to speak out against this as Brian has done, and not let this insidious creeping threat to Reason go un-challenged. Sharpen your swords of discriminative wisdom, and make ready to slay this old dragon which has returned once again to lay its eggs in the caves of innocent childrens minds, and under the church pews of middle America.

For comprehensive and INFORMED elaboration upon the dangerous dark cloud of evil which threatens the life, liberty, and happiness of us all, please go to:


For an additional broad spiritual view and informed articulation of the dangerous dark cloud of evil which threatens the life, liberty, and happiness of us all, please also go to:


i have read your comments time and again,i have taken nam from beas three years back, i want to put forward my views, i have sense of seeing things on the other side right from start, never beleived anybody,
four years heard satsang then went to beas very curious about nam. then recently when i came across your site, my hidden character for sometime surfaced,
then i tried my own theories, i went through bible to get some points, i came across a place where Jesus is asking a disciple to cross a river walking, the disciple tries to walk but starts getting drowned, jesus told him you never believed what i told you,
then i came across another point from our indian ancient theories, where it is told that do not try to find about the origin of a saint or a river you wont find anything in that, the more importance is the flow,
then i came across before genesis,
where adam and eve have two sons one is too faithful and does what he is told, other puts lots of questions, the person who asks lots of questions go to hell.
so from all this what i feel is now that we have come to know about a place or person who has given us best of knowledge about spirituality, i think we should not go back on promises taken, i hope many will agree with me,
thanks bye.

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