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September 07, 2005


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::Isn’t spirituality supposed to be about humility and not feeling superior?::

It would explain a lot why in stories of past mystics, they tend to sideline the religious lot and spend more time mingling with the common man.
To be fair, i think the truly humble ones have lost a sense of discrimination (even the meaning of humility), and how hard would that be considering it is a human condition?!
what a paradox, too, that we are at the 'top of the creation' because of our ability to discriminate.


You know what these type of Christians will be saying when The Big One hits San Francisco!

very very useful massages

I find massages useful, too. Especially after sitting at the computer all day. ;P

Isn’t spirituality supposed to be about humility and not feeling superior? I’ve always thought so, but maybe I missed a memo from God.

I have always wondered why the head of the RSSB faith allows some things to remain in print. He teaches humility, and I would consider him to be quite humble, but the books he publishes encourage RSSB disciple to consider themselves to be the elite and special chosen ones of God. I have personally heard him talk about how all are equal in the sight of God, and that God could care less what our belief system might be. I have read other passages besides what you quoted in the children's book that bother me. I have no explanation why they are there unless the book publishing department likes to believe these things about themselves. Nothing like having editorial power over holy books.

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