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September 09, 2005


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Hear, hear!!

(Which for those not familiar with the archaic is the idiomatic abreveation for,
"hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!")

I am not able to comprehend what is your reason to write an article for Spiritual Link.
Why you wrote it?
May be possible answers are
> I want to expose RSSB and they are also like other religious and spiritual socities.
> Wanted to contribute to a good cause and all good stuff etc.

I think your reason is latter but later it turned to former. But why?

Some points to ponder about
>A humble man is not disturbed by praise. but we seem more disturbed by not seeing our name beneath an article
(If you have followed any books of RSSB, you will never find name of present Master under a article , syaing etc. I think all saints you quoted have passed away and their humility is evident from what ever they wrote during their time.)

>Well, let’s make that some authors. Readers were told that the poem on page 2 was by Bulleh Shah and the two quotations on page 9 that I included at the end of my piece were by Charan Singh. However, all the stuff on pages 4 to 9 that I wrote gave the appearance of being channeled or manifesting out of the ether.

I havenot read that magazine so I may not comment on this but
If I wrote something which has striking similarity with bulleh shah. Are you entitled to credit.
These is no new innovations in "path to God", it is one to become one(as you have pointed out). So there is no new inventions,no new patents just requoting same old things will appeal to current traditions, cultures and conditioning.

On other points you have raised.

>I’ve been to RSSB gatherings where I’ve thanked someone for giving me a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Instead of the volunteer simply saying, “You’re welcome,” I hear: “Oh no, brother. Please don’t thank me. I’m doing everything on behalf of the guru. He is the real doer, not me. I am just an instrument in his hands.”

I have been on serving side few times and I often feel egoistical and think that I am doing every thing. The very purpose of seva( serving under Master control) is defeated if we start thinking like me. I think this rule has been picked up by sangat, may be their is no need for lengthy statements but they also help the person who is served to remember Master.
Their are many other NGOs which do much more for common welfare and serving but I think this path points to some where else. Some people will find those NGOs well suited to their conditioning.

>. I wanted to show that when you strip unessential dogma from the RSSB teachings, you’re left with a philosophy that bears a close resemblance to Plotinus’ mystical Neoplatonism.

I never heard that RSSB teaches something new. They have even published a six volume book that the way to meet lord is same across different times,places etc.
Yours will mean another , that cool

>. You can’t fake spiritual experience by acting like you’re merged with God—“I’m nothing; He is everything”—when you really haven’t. Honest egotism will get you a lot farther than dishonest humility, because like is attracted to like: I’m confident that Truth with a capable “T” resonates within our being when we’re true to ourselves.

You are very right here. But here we are striving towards ideality.
Most striking point here is that there is no mention in teachings to tell to other people these techings are to imbibed not repeated but my friend the path is not easy. Please donot blame path , blame followers.
Listen to one satsang and you wil find out who is at folly - followers or path.

For some reason while reading this article and the subsequent posts, the following story came to mind: Two Monks and the River. After thinking about it for awhile, I came to the conclusion (in my own mind) that it was because it shows what can happen in a person (or a religion) when one has false humility and follows the letter of tenets as opposed to following the intent. :)

I agree with the comments posted anomymous dated 10th September, 2005

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