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August 09, 2005


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Can Truth, with a capital T be a paradox as you suggest? I have often written and seen it as a paradox. But it is only a paradox from this level. It exists as its own Truth on its own plane, in a singular form, no duality involved. However, there is duality in the universe. When the physicists found that dark matter was more voluminous and more powerful than what could be seen or everything other than dark matter, I think they were shocked. In fact I know they were and still are searching for where they now believe the String or GUT will be found.

I am simplifying but you have studied this stuff Brian and that is why I read your first book. In fact I had to laugh at the title because I said Brian has stolen my title. I had written that exact same thing somewhere but it must have been your karma to write it. I am working on something else regarding physics and the "going-inside" phenomena that I am not ready to share until I have completed and published it. But it is waiting in line.


Brian wrote:
"...we play out some of these same dynamics. ...people can get testy when their pronouncements about what is spiritually real aren’t accepted by other commenters. This is human nature, for we all have egos that like to be stroked with a ‘You’re so right.” However, that’s an unrealistic expectation when metaphysics is being discussed. For no one can provide any proof that what they’re claiming to be true really is."

I am not sure exactly whom you may be refering to here. For the record though, I myself have no expectations that others will accept what I have said. Most folks are usually much too entrenched in various concepts, beliefs, religions, and spiritual paths. However, I will say that, without reason and an open-mind, no greater understanding is very likely or even possible.

Brian also wrote:
"...no one can provide any proof...that what they’re claiming to be true, really is."

I would only partially agree, and will say that the only sufficient "proof" which will ever be gained, is the proof which comes from one's own direct experience, realization, and pure knowledge. That proof is the "truth" itself. This innate proof/truth can be tacitly known and realized, but never in a material, a scientific, or an intellectual manner. The search for "proof" is an intellectual adventure doomed to failure. The real "proof" itself will be clearly evident in the moment of Self-realization. That evidence or "proof" is neither objective nor subjective, but is both all-inclusive as well as transcendent of the duality and dichotomy of objective vs. subjective. The search for objective or subjective "proof" is a lame and futile search.

Self-realization and Self-knowledge resolves the entire issue, question, and supposed mystery. Therefore, effort and progress towards Self-knowledge is the only endeavor which will prove to be ultimately fruitfull, and will produce the "proof" which is sought by the mind.

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