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August 27, 2005


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We already have a "War on Terror", a "War on Drugs", and a "War on Racism".

But what we really need more than anything, is a War on Facism and Authoritarianism.

The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.



What exactly is "rational thought" and "empricism"? Don't these phrases tend to assume one particular modernistic understanding of reason? There is a great danger in assuming that there can be a bare neutral non-interpreted fact. This is why "science", at least in its modernistic guise which separates the scientist (and his moral purity) from his observations, has been so deeply challenged. We tend to see what we want to see, what we want to see depends on what we want.

Also, the opinion that evolution is obviously at odds with creationism is simplistic. Which theory, again "theory", of evolution? punctuated, gradual, macro, micro, theistic? Which one of these theories has been "proven"? And, which theory of creationism? fundamentalist, patristic, etc.?

Does "science" really have a plausible noncontroversial explanation for how animals "evolved" the faculty of "reason"? When we were apes, did we first believe that 1+2=4 and then we "evolved" to the belief that 1+2=3? "Reason" is much more mysterious than the "science" that has to assume its existence prior to doing any "science."

How does human reason examine itself? Can reason "evolve" from the subrational? Can a cause produce an effect that is greater than it? As Plato said in the Timaeus, the natural sciences, at best, can only offer "likely stories."

I just want to suggest that these are deep waters.


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