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July 22, 2005


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"...each unbeliever could form his own personal “ism” with its own name."


"...revile it, admire it, or ignore it, but you can’t join it.”

Well...heh heh heh...I wouldn't want to join it anyway.

'Cause, my own special preference is called "Rubbishism". It is an elite group comprised of sensible folks who believe that all "isms" are but "a load of rubbish". The stringent membership requirement is that you must un-load your load, and return it to the great rubbish pile, from whence it all came. Then, sometime just prior the coming of the Great Dawn, the Cosmic Rubbish Collector will come and haul it all away to be buried as land-fill, upon which the real New Age of Light is being built.

why label yourself and be opened up to critisim and judgement from narrow minded people? Just be you and "be" spirituality. I beleive all that is good whether it is islam, chrisitianity, buddism, hinduism or whatever...dont we all come from the same source regardless of what people call it allah, buddha, Krinsha, God... Why cant people understand this simple concept? I guess if everyone did there would be no need for life on earth.

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