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July 18, 2005


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'' BE A LAMP ONTO THY SELF '' As Jesus realised at the end of his life and as Buddha said at the End. Which means outside: live right life (SAMYAK life)or Physical, Moral and Spritual deciplines BUT
Inside: seek only one thing, only one objective, only one question, the great inquiry called '' WHO AM I?''.

I like to study theology and ethics, and research belief systems (religions).I was initiated in 1984. I had been a veggie for years before I ever heard of The Path. I feel in love with a guy who was in, and it was part of the romance.I came to realize that many of the friends I made in the local Sangat were strong on the food issue, but discreetly omitted discussion of the other vows. I was young.
After about five years, I wrote a letter to Master (Charan) because I was confused at the marriage-go-round. People getting married for a few, getting divorced, then remarried, several times. JUST so they could keep that vow? He wrote back to me, and said "it is an unfortunate trend" but keep to your business and not be distressed.
I married in '88, and we split church/satsang. It worked for awhile until we had kids, and it became evident that this was not a child friendly place that the Episcopal church was. So we drifted into that community where people took care of each other.
Over time I came to the conclusion that initiates of Sant Mat were generally self-centered, and concerned with their own salvation above all else. Yes, there was lovely community feeling at Bhandaras, and visits. But being on the Path is a solitary practice.True,one could go to Beas and help with the populated events on special occasions.
Sitting in my chair for 2 1/2 hours was not going to improve the world.
When Master died that June in 1991, I felt, well, that's the end. It will become a religion now, and I was done.Gurinder just pisses me off. Suddenly rules. Return all books, tapes. No more home Satsangs. Dress codes in American Centers. Men and women separated. Appointed speakers, and closed list of topics, scripted. No. My call was somewhere else now.
Meditation is useful. It has helped me learn to clear my mind and be still. I will always remain a vegetarian. As for the rest,I appreciate the spirit of the vows, but don't fuss over them.
It's a cult. It's a cultish religion. No critical thinking. No questioning. No good.

Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated. I can relate to what you said. When someone is immersed in RSSB, all the rules, dogmas, restrictions, and such can seem justified.

"I'm doing the guru's will. And the guru is God. So I'm doing God's will!"

Looking at this from a more detached, objective perspective, the cult-like nature of this sort of attitude is obvious. So congratulations for seeing the truth.

Spirituality and meditation are one thing. Blind belief in a religion or mystic faith is a whole other thing. Hold to the one and leave the other.

Once you are successfully convinced the guru is God, they have you. Then you will rationalise anything in the guru's favor. Congratulations, Chris, for your liberation. RS is a good story that makes no sense.

A statement like that, coming from Gurinder directly, would have people cringing in fear. Do you think that Gurinder could be referring to taking charge of a positive or negative chain of events via ' karma / kal ' after an initiate has de-converted ? Like working some ' magic ' on an ex-satsangi that will suddenly make him realize the folly of his actions and come running back to the Guru begging for mercy and forgiveness ? Maybe he's suggesting a ' you can run, but you can't hide ' sort of thing ? The ' bulldozer ' maybe ?

I doubt if he'll send ' dogs ' to counter those ( people like us ) who criticize him or RSSB.

Even though GSD is a fake, he has some powers, he uses something to control other peoples minds. Look at Sant Baljit Singh (ex Sikh preacher), the guy was an RS hater, he wanted to kill GSD and demolish Dera Beas. And then one day he had a meeting with GSD, and all of sudden he evolved into an RS, he frequently goes to RS satsangs, and also Simranjit Mann, he was also an RS hater. Now he is an RS follower, GSD must be doing something to control peoples minds.

Don;t be surprised if Brian Hines starts following RS again, all the RS guru needs is a picture, he can then visualize/do his magic on that person.

IMO, a combination of morality, integrity and compassion in everyday life is better than 2.5 hours of forced focus-on-the-satguru time.

Hat's off to you for writing the above, the way to go is to be a good human being, serve humanity and enjoy life. This is what Faqir Chand preached, and I agree with him 110%.

Concerning RSSBA: When Charan Singh died, a wise, mature Satsangi went into a trance state and said, “Don’t worry. We will not be left foundlings. There will be a successor. He will be strict.” The rest is paraphrased: He will be the last of the line and he will connect people (or try to!) with the inner master (sound and light on the right hand side) and wean the people away from the physical form of the master. He will encourage us to walk the path without the physical form and the institution of sant mat will change and become a religion. The sheep will be separated from the goats. Do not be a goat! That is the end of his vision. You may interpreted it as you wish and decide for yourselves if it is true.
You have to remember that in the early days of Sant Mat in the West people suffered to bring it to the West. Julian Johnson gave his life to give us the teachings. He was hit in the stomach, fell, hit his head during an argument at the Dera and he died there. Early travelers were given permission to take photos and bring the words of the masters back to us. Those actions were appropriate back then. They are not now because anyone can listen to a master who travels to the West if they just ask the Representative and get permission and follow the rules so not one gets trampled to death! And as for Indian vs. White prejudice, it goes both ways! I was severely criticized for purchasing one of the few remaining photos of Charan at the Dera where his skin looks white because it was assumed I did so out of ignorance and prejudice. I did so for sentimental reasons (it being the first photo I saw of Charan) and because it looked like a halo of light around him. I did not do so because I thought his skin was white! I was too sick to defend myself. By the way, western meetings are necessary because the morning satsangs are not in English! Morality according to East Indians means to take the advantage. If they can mash a white lady against a gate to death to push themselves inside where they are not allowed when she is, they will! It is a different morality from our Christian based western culture.
The most recent Popes have also been dismantling structures. Malachi Martin says that the Vatican is being destroyed because God has no use for that present institution anymore. It seems a lot of old religious structures are being destroyed. One wonders what is being destroyed along with it. Why this meeting of religious leaders and the results of that is a kind of one size fits all religion? Was there any eternally true religion to begin with?
Here is the question. What is your goal? To know everything and become god? To be forever in a situation where worlds are continuously created and destroyed over eons of time and be conscious of all of that good and evil while being that neutral, detached god? Or is your goal to reside forever with God who is all good and deserving of all our love in the realm of complete happiness, joy and goodness, with your own identity adoring God? Here is the next question. Is one nature and one supernatural? Does monism leave room for the supernatural or does the supernatural just not exist?

As usual Brian, you have hit the nail on the head,
all religion with no exception can be rigid and unyielding if you let it, each individual approaches each religion with their own standards and criticisms and emotions, some people will kill for their particular beliefs and do,
others take what they feel is most worthwhile and live by those beliefs, all of these religions have been written by man and should be treated as such,
some of these men may have had some divine inspiration but that portion is usually very small and the remainder of the scriptures require some filler to appease the ego of the author and to correspond to the superstitions and dogma of the day,
I do not stress about killing a spider and I am a vegetarian, Jainism has a respect for all life to a seeming excess, but that excess brings home a point that all life has a right to live,
all religions for that matter have something good and something not so good to bring to the table, it is us that needs to decide what we want to believe,
I will probably swat a mosquito if it lands on me, but I will not go out of my way to hunt them down.

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