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June 19, 2005


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"organized religions actively discourage believers from believing that they can attain the same state of consciousness as the founder of the religion."

I agree with this statement to the max! From my perspective, the prime reason churches discourage in this way is because, if people believed they could emulate the diety on their own, there would be no need for churches. Consequently, religions want to make their members into passive adherents who must look to others (eg., priests, rabbis, pastors, etc.) for guidance toward salvation.

In essence, religions want to insure their economic future!

Regarding Trey's post, I don't want to favor one religion over another, but it's not true of all religions that they discourage reaching the highest level of consciousness. For instance, in buddhism you are supposed to eventually reach the same level that buddha, and even surpase him.

The problem with christianity in particular, is that its founder is seen as a god and that it is a fundamental part of its theology, as presented by the church, that humans are fundamentally evil and uncapable of saving themselves.

Jesus was not even a Jew :)

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