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June 07, 2005


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Great post!

It's difficult to follow one's own heart. We are such social beings and most of us realize that we can't always be correct in everything we think. Yet, when you feel something is dead wrong (morally or ethically), each person should summons the courage to walk away.

I've often been viewed as something of a troublemaker within leftist and progressive groups. Such groups strive to follow a different set of values than the staid status quo. Yet, for all their lofty principles, they too often fail to walk their own talk.

When they appear to stray from the path, I'm the kind of person who will immediately point it out. I've been told many times that such conduct is divisive. However, in my book, it's far better to be true to thyself than to keep quiet and go along simply for the sake of going along.

This brought to mind a line from a song that my dad wrote years ago. "I haven't always done what's right, but what I thought I should."

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