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June 22, 2005


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My sentiments exactly.

Pointing this out to pet owners produces strange answers.

Seems to me that many people just haven't thought about all this very much. It is not a topic in families nor in schools.

Sant Mat teachings deserve credit here as an eye-opener.

I am a vegetarian but I still have cravings at times. Not so easy to overcome one's cultural and childhood programming.

Yes, and how can someone who claims to be an animal lover keep them as "pets"? But that's a whole other can of (trained) worms....

Anyway, in response to your remark that you "don’t believe that morality can, or should, be proscribed," I doubt very much that any religion "proscribes morality...heheh!

Although, Jesus himself certainly proscribed it: He declared that there are only two commandements, neither of which has anything to do with morals; he advised that we "judge not" and "condemn not"; and of course, he most wisely instructed us to "resist not evil." And as you know, any system of morality collapses without judgment, condmenation, and a belief in evil.

yeah...good one, amartolos. we can easily spot other people's inconsistencies in thinking yet we somehow have trouble recognizing our own. i need to work on that stumbling block myself.

p.s. also a good point about jesus. 'morality' is a secular invention, isn't it?

You asked, "how can someone who claims to be an animal lover eat animals?"

Easy. We live in a world of compartmentalized ethics. Since the Judeo-Christian world views everything as separate and estranged from everything else, it's so simple to believe and act in one way right now and do or say the exact opposite 5 minutes later.

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