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May 05, 2005


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You want us to pray God drops a mini coop out of the sky into your driveway? That is so shallow.

You people out there, pray for me instead. Yeah.

I want a vacation to some real nice sunny skied white sanded azure sea easy place. Yup. I want a vacation. So pray for me that I get what I want and deserve, I think, I'm pretty sure I deserve something like that from God, as compared to other people. Like this blogger who wants a mini cooper. Well, I think I am much more deserving of free time prayers from the general public than this dufous, or however you spell "idiot" (sorry buddy, just trying to create a clear choice between what you deserve and I deserve).

Pray for Me. I want a relaxing easy vacation. Mini Cooper's are fine I suppose, but cars get smushed up in wrecks routinely while memories from a nice vacation last forever, especially if you have a video camera, which I'd also like. Thank you very much.

Pray for the absence of want.
Pray for nothing.
Stop praying.
Just buy the damn car and get on with life.

Then you can pray you don't get caught going 50 in a 35mph zone.

Layla, good advice. Particularly the first three lines. The Mini Cooper, or the lack of a Mini Cooper, really has nothing to do with my getting on with life. Life has a way of going on with or without me, with or without my desires. I wish life would stop long enough for me to catch up with it. But that wish is just another prayer, isn't it?

Perhaps we are thinking in a direction that is too linear; too limiting. Life doesn't really "go on", does it? It is eternal and timeless and without measure. Perhaps the prayer should be for an deeper understanding of the erroneous thought that time and space are our limitations.

Of course that view doesn't get you to the grocery store, whether you're in a mini-coop, Hummer, or thumbing a ride. :-)

But timeless travel sure costs less than $2.29 a gallon.


I had married 3 years before still we dont have child , can u please pray for me

thanking you

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