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May 13, 2005


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You wrote, "A hypothesis is a tentative belief, a possible fact, a hint of knowledge."

This is the sentiment that Creationists and/or fundamentalists cling to. Because science is about discovering knowledge in an incremental manner, the "believers" contend that ULTIMATELY science will discover that religious truths are the final answer. In other words, the final science experiment will uncover that THEY have been right all along.

Mind you, I think (as I believe you do) that this is pure and unadulterated hogwash.

Yes, Trey, I agree with you that such is hogwash. Almost certainly. But a scientific point of view doesn't preclude any possibilities. That's what I was getting at when I said "A hypothesis is a tentative belief, a possible fact, a hint of knowledge."

I didn't mean that every hypothesis would eventually be confirmed. However, as I wrote about in today's post, a faith that there is a reality to be discovered lies at the heart of every act of scientific observation. And you can't observe willy-nilly; you have to set forth some theory that focuses your efforts.

"Intelligent design" could be such a theory. And I think some reputable scientists are looking at intelligent design in the right light: as a testable theory. After all, the laws of nature--gravity, electromagnestism, and so on--sprang full-blown into existence a tiny fraction of a second after the big bang. Where did they come from? That's a scientific question.

The Neoplatonist Greeks considered that there is a universal Intelligence ("Nous") that contains the forms of everything in creation. This is the foundation of Plato's cave analogy: the material world is the shadow of more fundamental realities, the immaterial forms (which include, I presume, the laws of nature).

Similarly, the Taoists consider that the Tao is the power that pervades the natural world, regulating it, giving order to it. So I see that non-Christian, non-theistic "faiths" encompasss something akin to intelligent design, albeit in a much more palatable fashion (in my opinion).

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