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May 31, 2005


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The idea of starting up a Discussion Group could be a good idea. It can be helpful. However, it should ofcourse be moderated to ensure the quality of the site. This I feel is important but at the same time one should not be tempted to block anything which may contradict ones views ofcourse. This would be wrong, and indeed, contrary to the very notion of a discussion group.

As most of us realize peoples minds especially in the Western world are becoming increasingly complex, and as such, it is difficult to convince people in a simple way. Moreoever, RSSB has been subject to criticisms of one sort, and another. But what did Charan Singh say? Critics are our best friends!!

To Robert Searle:
A discussion group is one thing, but please be aware that this web-log is titled "Church of the Churchless", and it is not primarily and only about subjects pertaining to Sant Mat and Radha Soami Satsang. It is not devoted solely to RSSB issues. Those issues are sometimes mentioned by Brian, the author of the site, as well as some commentators, but usually only indirectly, or in relation to other spiritual matters. I cannot speak for Brian, but it appears to me that you are tending to think that this site is mainly a forum for Sant Mat and R.S. issues, which it is not. So please be aware of this. Of course, Brian will be able to inform you as to what is the focus here better than I. The general orientation is found in the menu index titled: Basics of our faithless faith.

Does anyone ever like to discuss a particular issue over the phone? Maybe, a conference call among like-minded persons.
Something tells me there are many such persons that visit this site. Oh well, food for thought.

Don't give up Brian. You will see the light soon. It will be beyond anything you could have imagined. It takes time to clear the load of karmas that we created in so many lives. You may have given up on Huzar, but he has not given up on you.

Howard, I've got even better news for you: I HAVE seen the light! I'm enlightened!

In accord with the ageless teachings of Buddha, Lao Tzu, and many other sages, I have realized that enlightenment is a myth. There's no such thing, and there is no one to be enlightened.

So I don't seek for what you believe in seeking. I'm free from the pressure to yearn for the heaven of Jesus, the paradise of Allah, the Sach Khand of Sant Mat, and all that.

Don't give up, Howard. One day you'll realize that all your striving is in the wrong direction. So keep pushing on the wall and eventually you'll realize that the barrier was only in your mind.

wow....I have been blogging since may 2006.......

I found this website, and I am going to try to expain why I am here. Those of you who have awakened will understand this and I hope there are some that will see it.

I woke up last night. It was on purpose. Somehow a guide found me and asked me if I would like to see it. I didn't know of course what she was talking about. No one could ever know this. She cautioned me that the step I was about to take would change me in a way that I would never be able to understand. I decided to take the next step. Honestly, I did not expect much. My guide new what she was doing. She told me that she had awakened on new year's eve, but I now know that she awakened me on purpose, and has been awake for a long time. Anyway, she led me to the place where your self actually collapses on itself. you are no where. No space, no time. It is all you, and amorphous. Then she allowed me to rebuild. And as I saught to rebuild, I saw it so clearly. I saw it all. I saw my life as what it was, just my own creation. I have done it before.

Then, when I woke up. My guide was with me in a warm bathtup. As I began to see that I was awake, she was right there and let me know that she was awake too. I wasn't going crazy. Then it all happened. I saw it all. Everyhting.

This just happened yesterday, but I see so clearly now what my life is, and why. I made that way. In fact, when I woke up, I finally understood somehting that is amazing. I had left little indicators in my life that I should wake up. It didn't work. When I realized that I was awake, I saw so many things. I was angry that it took 56 years. That is just cruel. I saw things in my life and suddenly understood them completely.

I have much more to say. I am hoping someone has heard me, and has see it too. If so, I would be very grateful if you would get in touch with me. I am just learning that many of you have been awake for a long time. I need to make contact. Andy

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