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March 24, 2005


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I just discovered this site. What a pleasure;
I live in Florida ( the Tampa area)
I recently made the mistake of posting my views on Terri Schiavo and the "right to die" on a local news website.
Let me tell you, I just thought there were some fanatical religious zealots on this site.
I was called stupid more times that I can count.
I was also called immoral more times that I can count.
I was asked if I was one of Michael Schiavo's "other women"
One particularily nasty, and I think deranged man called me "A stupid, ignorant slut, and a succubus" and wished others to choke to death on their Easter dinner.
All in the name of Christianity ofcourse.
Several men and women agreed with his opinion of me.
Many, many of these "Christians" hope I starve to death.
A catholic priest questioned if Michael Schiavo had any religion,
I questioned him about the religion of priests that molested children and the church that protected them for years. Do you think he answered? Ofcourse not.
One nice "christian" lady attacks the children of Michael Schiavo and their mother, ofcourse shes a whore and a demon, whom they also wish death and starvation on.
I think death and starvation was wished on Judge Greer and George Felos( and thier families) the most.
I tried to point out that calling me nasty, obscene names and wishing me harm said much more about them than me ,less about their convictions AND proved my point about religious zealots... to no avail ofcourse.
I'm 48 years old, I work in the health care business. I pointed out that people with many different conditions and just plain old people go for days without food or water when they're dying. I told of people I had witnessed trying to remove their own feeding tubes.
I tried to explain the quality of care in hospice and the compassion and kindness of hospice workers.
LIES, they cried, " she's being murdered"
I pointed out the fanatical religious zealots are what the Taliban is considered. They said I was no better than the Taliban.
Needless to say, I gave up,
I knew ther were alot of zealots out there, now I know how many, It's just scary.
Scarier how many are in our government.
I still hope Terri Schiavo is allowed to die in peace with dignity and grace.

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