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March 13, 2005


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I liked your article. I am very interested in Spirituality and Meditation. I teach meditation as well under www.srcm.org . I like to know more about E.T


Here are some of my my thoughts on the subject.

What if we are the alien implants?

Is there a higher plane than this reality? How do you know that? What makes you unequivocally certain that the activity on this planet is not just a microscopic cellular function of a much larger brain system? What if the solar system is just a cell in the brain of OM? Relativity, yes, absolutism, yes, but the point of both is Yes, they are both equally reliant upon one another from the mortal to the immortal point of reference.

We speak of debates such as the alien dilemma of what if's and if not's regarding physical artifacts, but do we realize that this debate is an illusion of time? Time says things are impossible yet things happen in the one space where time cannot intrude into, the psionic field of no time. Some pursue the possibility of alien implants, some pursue the possibility of not pursuing possibilities, in either case, there is a greater possibility.

What if all this "time" while we argue and debate about having or not having alien implants, we are indeed part of a much more sophisticated alien implant that's lodged in the neck of a much higher, more evolved being? What if all our lives and memories are but a synaptic flicker that lasts no longer than a transdimensional nano second, which to us seems like a hundred years? I wonder what repercussions this would have for our conception or dare i say delusion of time.

It would mean that although we like to romanticize on the absolutism of time, the relativity of our size would lead us to the inexorable need to question this assumption. Can you for one moment, reach a higher ground in your mind? Can you imagine yourself gluiding above this earth, starring down at this species and watching it partake of it's unnecessary conflicts and social platitudes, it's sychophantic women and it's narcissistic men? What would your first thought be?

Would you say to yourself "how sad that such a species cannot see its own face in the metaphysical mirror, and that it is much more evolved than it thinks it is" or would you say "yes, that's about right, building ant hills and working mechanically to reach the end of its infancy, which will go no where"? Would you, on that higher plane, consider humanity a contemporary species that you can open diplomatic relations with, or would you consider it a transdimensional pet on a neurological leash?

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