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March 22, 2005


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Wow, how inspiring...

I would love to know more about these amazing people, this story is very touching to know there are still people out there that live so independent and free.

If there is anymore info on this group called the Moken can you please send it to me or contact me at 805-630-4226

I am amazed, I want to go there, want to go along ? callme , gary [email protected]

I was intrigued by the story of this unique people, the Mokens, and inspired by their practical yet beautiful outlook on life. I intend to use their "philosophy" as I plan a retreat for the staff at my organization. There is a lot to be learned from their way of living.

The Moken seem utopian; however, it seems that any human ownership of property tends to spawn social problems and the elderly Moken did say that the boat was "his." This leads me to suspect that there is more to Moken society than 60 Minutes has shown.

I just hope, that noone with a "vision" will try to find a way to profit from these peole. I guess the least interesting they remain to the rest of the world the better off they will be.

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