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March 27, 2005


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I don't know about you, but if I lived in Linn or Marion counties, where Kropf is in his 6th year representing Oregon House District 17, I'd question why my representative is going off on his radio show about Christ and Christianity and this specific religion instead of working to create better conditions for the people who live there. There are people of many religions in his House District, surprise!, and I just count myself as darn lucky for not being represented by the likes of him.

Truly, what a person believes is what a man lives. If God is love, and if Jesus lived a life of love, and these people do not, then they are nothing more than posers trying to act like they have some connection to Him.

The problem is not their beliefs, because what they believe is exactly how they live. If they are hateful, then as you have already noticed and mentioned, "how can they be of Jesus, whose whole life and message was love?" Well the answer, they are not.

How do I know, I was one of them. I was raised a conservative "Christian," went to the Christian College, got the "BS" degree (literally BS) and then worked in their church systems for a while. My wife and I will never go back, and we have found more love in people who do not even desire to have anything to do with Jesus than those who "claim" to be His representative. I am sure He would not choose them as His representatives, which actually makes them self appointed.

Anyway, I love Jesus Christ. His message, His life, and the life he truly offered and has given me. Which is not what is offered through religious systems that desire to have your money, and power over you, and I simply say I am sorry for the bullshit that you are being shown about the man who never lived or acted the way these people do.

As always, Brian, great post.

From my perspective, the reason that the belief that JC did indeed rise from the cross is interwined with the fundamentalist interpretation of the bible. From this myopic perspective, everything written in the bible is verbatim what was said and what happened.

To entertain the notion that JC was NOT resurrected would be to question "the word of God". If a fundamentalist was forced to question this singular fact, then they would feel obligated to question EVERYTHING in the bible, including Jesus' message (which most of them don't understand anyway).

So I can understand why a fundamentalist HAS TO believe the way they do. For them, it's like a house of cards. If one card is removed or even moved, the whole thing is likely to fall down. If you've given your life to believe something, that would be the worst thing you could ever imagine. Therefore, you must cling to every word in AT LEAST an academic sense.

I loved your post. you shine the spotlight on those that scream how "christian" they are (key word- scream), but they show us nothing but how much of an ass they can be. look at the way many christian's treat homosexuals. we hold marches against them, yell at them, call them names, and tell the world how the homo's are going to hell. that's funny (but not humorous), because Jesus ate meals and hung out with the prostitutes and tax collectors, and that group was the bottom of the barrell of society in their time. so what would Jesus do toda? he would hang out and party with prostitutes, homosexuals, and even the 'survivor' contestants who were the first ones voted off their shows.
my wife and i sold our home and a car last year so that we could move to london for 6 months to serve as missionaries, and will be returning to london for good next year. we serve as missionaries by living life with people, not by bashing them over the head and spewing rhetoric down their throats. we try to bring friendship to the the lonely people we came across, food to those that were hungry, share our hope and faith with those that do not know any type of hope or faith. of course, we are still human and screwed up as well as everyone else, but we aren't out there screaming, just living.
the good news for you is that the conservative christian church as we know it is dying. they are killing themselves.
what is rising in their place is people like myself who may never be heard from, because no one wants a sound bite from someone who doesn't have a political agenda, and is not trying to start fights and arguments.
we're further from perfect as anyone, but have found hope and love, from Jesus, to be transforming and powerful. if someone says that it doesn't matter if Jesus was ressurected from the dead or not, but truly begins to understand what he lived, died, and lived again for, then that is a starting point... not someone trying to destroy the christian faith. besides, I think Jesus can handle the criticism and defend himself in a much better way than I can.
keep writing, I enjoy checking out your site.

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