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March 03, 2005


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The problem is "reality" is a subjective concept. For example, radical Islamic terrorists have a "reality" they believe in where 72 (or whatever) virgins will reward their cowardly acts of terrorism. The practice of non-religion is itself a religion. One of several definitions by Webster: "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith". You hold your cause, your principle, your system of beliefs with ardor and faith.

The "reality" is you can not prove there is no God just like religious people can't prove there is. I don't practice any religion so I think I can speak without bias. There is nothing wrong in embracing a belief - as long as it is not one that promotes hate and violence.

Maddie says that “There is nothing wrong in embracing a belief - as long as it is not one that promotes hate and violence.”

Yes I agree that, that would be nice, but is it possible? Everything in the time domain has a beginning a middle and an end. Could it be that the end of any religion is fanaticism which naturally promotes hate and violence?

Religions are based on the blind faith or the belief in a supernatural power or creator who created and governors the universe. They have a set of beliefs, values, and rituals founded upon the teachings of a dead saint or mystic. This set of beliefs is called a theology. And since the source of the theology, the saint, is as dead as dead as a door nail then the theology is dead. Since the theology cannot be changed it is called dogma, and over the course of time, in the end it naturally just degenerates into irrationally rigid beliefs, or fanaticism.

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