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February 22, 2005


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From my humble perspective, the problem with the disconnect between rationality and belief in the conservative version of Christianity is that it contradicts one of the central tenets of the religion.
If "man" [people] is created in God's image, then rationality -- the ability to think and reason -- is one of the gifts bestowed on us by the Almighty.

Yet, conservative Christians eschew the rational faculty. Would seem to me that they are negating God's plan.

Oh, I'm sorry. That was a rational thought, wasn't it?

hi pls send me a 15-page writing on "religion divides as much as it unites"

Saw the article, and i guess it was a nice one. i really need it for some article i am writing in my school, wouldn't mind receiving a copy. thanks

pls send me a 15-page writing on religion divides as much as it unites.

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