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December 02, 2004


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by Arlo R. Hansen

There are some who will scream, "Blasphemy!" upon reading the title of this essay, because the idea of mankind "pitying God" for any reason will not rest easy with them. So be it. Taken literally, the statement is in fact blasphemous, for the idea it conveys is that God needs to be saved, which is ridiculous if one accepts as true the premise that God is Omni-everything.

So, by saying God is beyond salvation, do I mean He has sunk so low that He cannot possibly be redeemed and, therefore, deserves our pity? Of course not. The meaning here is that since God is beyond (not a candidate for) salvation, He has nothing to look forward to, and that is a pitiful state.

Omni-everything is another way of saying infinite. Infinite is a word conceived by a finite mind to mean (among other things) without beginning or end, i.e., everlasting. To this writer's finite mind, an Infinite Being, existing as past, present, and future, without shape or boundary, being All (every-thing and, therefore, knowing no-thing) would be everlastingly boring and a great pity.

But, can infinity be known by finite minds? Can it even be accurately defined by finite minds? Are the definitions of infinity created by finite minds nothing more than speculation? Not being infinite, how can finite minds know what infinity is? Is infinity a reality, or just a concept of finite minds?

The answer to the first question is, no. The finite mind cannot readily accept the idea of something having no beginning or ending. However, if the finite mind can get past this hurdle, then it must take into account that time is contained within infinity, not vice-versa.

This means that what was, is, and will be, always were, are; and have been; therefore, creation was finished before it began! Unacceptable!

An accurate definition of infinity must deal with space, which, by definition, must also be contained within infinity. If there were no objects, infinity would be nothing but emptiness, as it would be no one (particular) thing, unless emptiness is a thing, which it is not, because emptiness is nothing (no-thing).

There are things, however, so we can dismiss the idea of infinity as being only space, for if it were only space, it would mean infinity was nothing; therefore, there would be no place for it not to be at!

So, both space and things are contained in infinity. Things have to be somewhere, so they are in space. If space were something, things in it would displace space from their locations, thereby raising space's height the same way you may raise the height of water in a bucket by placing stones in the bucket.

Things need space between them so they may be perceived as "things." Space needs "things" in it in order to be perceived as "space." So, which came first?
Like the chicken and the egg, they came together, i.e., at the same time, because you cannot have one without the other.

To finite mind, infinity cannot know what it is, because it has to have boundaries to make it possible for it to define itself; therefore, infinity, to learn what it is, must become finite (things).

How can infinity accomplish this not knowing what it is? And, if it knows what it is, it is not INFINITY, NOR CAN IT REMEMBER THAT IT EVER WAS!

It very much appears that infinity exists only as a speculation of the finite mind created for the specific purpose of attempting to explain what is (existence). So, let's go bark up another tree.

I am aware that I am aware. If I were just aware without knowing I was aware, I would not be self-aware. If I were not self-aware, but just aware, would I not then be infinite awareness?

Neither science nor religion can explain the mystery of being. Whatever caused it caused it because it wanted to. Moreover, there is no necessity for us to know, because knowing would not change our present status as named, living, physical bodies with properly recorded birth dates and eventual, certain death dates!

So, what do we do in the interim? Whatever we want! What don't we do in the interim? Whatever we don't want! The Original created a macro that constantly repeats.

Pity God, for He is beyond salvation!

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