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December 05, 2004


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Some of the worlds greatest mystics have been involved with politics. Sri Aurobindo automatically springs to mind. He clearly was interested in the Independance of India from British rule. He even went to prison at one point on the charge of sedition if I recall rightly, and it was there he had a major spiritual experience.

Ma Yoga Shakti who teaches traditional forms of yoga was a lady guru who tried to enter politics. She is a believer among other things in womens rights in her home country.

Mahatma Gandhi was arguably part mystic, and part reformer who wanted to liberate India from British rule. He believed in the need for peaceful protest for change. He knew many gurus of his day.

Anandamurti the founder of Ananda Marg was a mystic to some degree. He believed in something akin to a socialist utopia. However, his life, and background is somewhat controversial, and his AM movement became somewhat extremist, and was even banned in India.

A certain possible "mystic" John DeSantis in Baltimore, USA, claimed to have a vision of a world without taxes! He has even a website on this very subject, and asks people to bring forward suggestions for improvement on his ideas. I too believe that this is possible but inflation would be controlled by super-computers. References to my revolutionary Non-Taxation Monetary Reform, or Transfinancial Economics can be found on the internet.

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