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December 10, 2004


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How about starting your own online reading group a la Oprah? You could systematically go through your recommended books (including Return to the One) assigning some pages for discussion each day or week?

Hey Brian, I agree with Susan! A reading group could be great fun. You could have quite the list of books that would be phenominal discussion starters and offer a variety of things to think about. Nice site you have here!

Visited your site last night for the first time after an acquaintance got upset over something you'd said. While I was taking out the trash this morning I was thinking, gee, I'd go to the church for the churchless if I lived in Salem. Just now I discovered your recommendation for books. That discussion group would be absolutely great for me! Resist, resist. Then please surrender and do it for all of us. My unopened copy of The Cloud of Unknowing pleads for attention, and sharing.

RS, Marta

Hi Brian,

I just bought your "Return to the One" I read your other book, but did not buy it. I love the Greeks because they brought the wisdom from Atlantis to the Romans who in turn influenced the middle age thinkers and writers who in turn created modern-day spirituality including Radha Soami.

More later

after I read your book...the reviews are good.


I see you have five books in the list

May I offer you the treasure on my web site, free?

Start with
Who am I?
then read

The Science of Karma

Then the

Life without Conflicts

or would you like to read the one on


They are all there for you at


The Who am I? Book is at


Bliss begins with the eternal Light within. Alas! It needs to be lit.


With deep humility


Though I have not read it yet... but will be soon... Brian Hines book- Return to the One would be a good place to start with Plotinus.

Or Pierre Hadots Plotinus book. I on the other hand started right in reading Plotinus directly from the small 158 page book by A H Armstrong - Plotinus. A $3 download ebook from Amazon. I have two paper copies I read and reread. It is difficult at times but with enough patience can be clearly understood.

Just keep rereading passages that are confusing and you will be rewarded.
I, myself, got stuck on page 116...
We-who are we?.. reread it over and over for literally a month or more every night.
Just recently I read it several times more and got more meaning out of it.

True study of Plotinus takes years, he was unique because he Succeeded in "Returning To the One!... not once but several times. A feat that very few human born individuals have ever done. He indeed must now be a "pure soul" he wrote about living in the world of Nous that we all aspire to.

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