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December 31, 2004


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you have given very good explanation about the modern archaeolagical business.

What say you now? Poof?

(Breaking News: Golan and Deutsch Acquitted of All Forgery Charges. Bible History Daily. Posted on biblicalarchaeology.org March 14, 2012, accessed June 25, 2012.)
"The five-year trial ended in March 2012, when Jerusalem Judge Aharon Farkash acquitted the accused of all forgery charges, ruling that the prosecution could not show beyond reasonable doubt that the inscription was forged."

People run around the globe 100 times over
for an 'inscription'
bow a billion times p/lifetime torah studying about Melchisadech and the seventh heaven (Zohar)
refuse to slow down the mind a little bit,

to observe / enjoy / somewhat later :
be bewitched & encapsulated
by the first tiny sweet pulses of the Sound Current
giving way to the indeed PERSONAL revelation that you'r not this flesh, woven around the chakras

but energy


R. Bratetich, what I say now is what the judge said in his ruling: see below.

So we still don't have much solid proof of the historical Jesus, much less any proof Jesus was who Christians claims he was: the divine Son of God.


"The verdict will be welcomed by those who hope that the ossuary will finally provide a physical connection to the historical Jesus.

But Judge Farkash, who said he had heard from 126 witnesses and sat through 120 sessions that produced more than 12,000 pages of testimony, acknowledged that the collapse of the criminal trial did not signal the end of the scientific debate over the authenticity of the ossuary.

“This is not to say that the inscription on the ossuary is true and authentic and was written 2,000 years ago,” he said. “We can expect this matter to continue to be researched in the archaeological and scientific worlds and only the future will tell. Moreover, it has not been proved in any way that the words ‘brother of Jesus’ definitely refer to the Jesus who appears in Christian writings.’

What's more important

Q : What about Jesus
A: Third region

But actually HE has passed to the vibrations of Fifth Region,
by the Love of the many Satsangis
who venered HIM

Therefore, The Catholic Church ( to start with this vegetarian pope )
will develop and speak about the REAL Holy Ghost
in this Century

Same for the muslims
Same for Jews
Same for Buddist
and more

This was told by Hyper Radiant Charan
to a lover

All this by the power and Love of hukm smoking Radha Soami, Seth Shiv Dayal ,

Radha Soami





Christianity states that Jesus rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven after 40 days. Without the resurrection, there would be no Christianity- just a false prophet who died and was buried- and stayed put, like the rest of us.

The ossuary was a failed attempt to undermine the resurrection of Christ- and therefore, a failed attempt at undermining Christianity.

As an aside- there are over three dozen secular (non- Biblical)writings about Christ- there is more historical evidence of his existence than that of Socrates- but for some reason people still need "proof" of his existence. Archeologists and scholars unanimously agree that he existed, as a person. The ossuary would not have "proven" anything- because there is already enough historical record that he existed....

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