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November 23, 2004


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This is a lovely site. I have thought about trying to start a website that would ask people who are sure they know the "truth" to try to prove it using common sense rather than quoting from any religious person or text. I'm fine with people who say they just "feel" it but that is no reason to expect me to have that same feeling. I'd like answers to such questions as why would "God" send down a son to fix the world and warn the people alive then about certain ways to live but then do nothing for 2000 years even when awful things happen such as genocides, wars, famines, etc. Why does "God" get credit for all the good things that happen but never the blame for the bad things. If he is almighty, he could have stopped 9-11 right? I talked to a lady who praised God because her son just missed being killed there. Why did he save her son but not the others? ( I, couldn't bring myself to ask her that.) Religious people get all warm and fuzzy about prayer circles where lots of people pray for the same thing - is God that creepy that he would let some innocent little child die of a horrible disease unless a specific number of people pray "really hard" for her to be healed. Doesn't God see the fancy houses that the televangelists live in and "smite them down"?
Anyway, maybe someone who has answers to these questions ( remember, common sense only) might visit your site cause I do have an open mind.

G-d is the totality of all things. G-d is the totality of everything that can happen, happens, or ever will happen. No form ever dies, it simply transmutes to another form. Do not grieve those who have died, for they live on in G-d Eternal, in all the light realms of Heaven, and through many lives gain union with the Infinite One, and, though but a speck of the Creator, become a creative sea that builds more of G-d's beauty.

Long ago I started reading the works of Alan Watts and that changed my thinking permanently. So I know more or less where you stand, and I share your position on organised religion - in fact the world today is an ongoing indictment of 'organised religion'
Peace and love

Spiritual non-practice

This is a catchy title.

Yes indeed, if there is any practice of any kind called for or needed, any discipline to be folloed, any kriya to be done, any mantra to be recited over an over again, any bhajan to be sung again and again, one is not THERE yet.

Anything that requires you to DO anything is just the path. It may or may not lead to the goal.

With deep reverence for that within you, the reader of these words,that is rising higher and yearning for more, if what has been said above appeals to you, please read

Dadashri at


There is a profuse amount of new science that has unfolded and I have been involved in translating and sharing his words with the world.


Brian, I've been on "the Path" for a good many years now and just recently decided that it's not really for me. The main reason is that I've finally admitted to myself that I do not think Baba Ji is GIHF. However, I still think the four principles are all good and for the most part intend to continue with them: eating animals, drinking alcohol, and behaving badly towards other people just aren't things I want to do… and I would like to do some meditation, but without the pressure of feeling I have to do 2.5 hours a day. And for reasons too complex to explain, I don't wish to stick with the RSSB mantra. I wanted to ask you if you still use this one in your meditation?

Unknowing, sometimes I do repeat the so-called "Five Holy Names" as a mantra, just for old times sake.

Since I did this for about 35 years for an hour or more each day, I'm curious about how doing it now feels. Meaning, my brain must have gotten into some grooves with all that mantra repetition, so what happens now when I repeat the mantra without believing it is anything special?

Answer, in my experience: not much. It's like an old friend that you've lost track of, and find that you don't have much in common now. Before long repeating that mantra starts to irritate me, even, because I don't believe in what the five words point toward.

So even though I experiment now and then repeating the Five Holy Names, mostly I do something else in meditation. Well, almost always. I follow my breath. I remain aware of what is inside and outside of me. I use a "mantra" from my Tai Chi practice, wu chi, which is both the ready position in Tai Chi (unmoving, centered) and a Taoist representation of ultimate reality (wu chi preceded the division into tai chi, yin and yang).

I used to feel that I had to do the same thing in meditation, every day. Now I experiment with different forms of meditation. This works better for me, as it encourages me to be looser, more relaxed, and able to flow with things outside of meditation.

"Five Holy Names? Sheeeeit. What about...


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