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November 27, 2017


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Hey, Wasn't that my idea? I wrote it as a comment on your recent blogpost about the cost of the SJ.
I haven't had the heart to do it to the SJ as yet. Still considering it.

This is really a scam on gullible old people. I would like to see some data on who will be paying $59.01 a month for their daily paper. It's grandma and grandpa, mostly, I'd bet. Shame on Gannett for scamming old people. How is this different than the other ways that old people get scammed? This old person switched to the e-newpaper a long time ago, so I am not getting scammed.

Aileen, great ideas can pop up in many minds. Last June I wrote about getting a lower subscription rate after cancelling for 30 days in this blog post:


You should give it a try. I drive into town most days, so I'm just going to buy a paper at a convenience store or drugstore for the month of December.

I am writing to cancel my subscription to the Statesman Journal. Cancellation to begin as soon as possible!!

Norman Sams
1150 SW Bridlewood Drive
Dallas, Oregon

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