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March 27, 2017


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I canceled my subscription two years ago. Just sayin'

I pay $29 for a digital subscription. I read the E-Newspaper every morning. Sometimes they failed to deliver my paper newspaper. Don't have to worry about that anymore. It took a little getting used to, but I'm glad I made the switch.

I suggest you contact the DOJ Consumer Protection office (they have a toll-free number) and ask them to help you with parsing that offer. If $11/month is "Save 50%", then the comparison quantity is $22/month.

Gannett's price increase would be a bit less galling (and ever so slightly justifiable) if they were still delivering the same level of content. Instead over the past few years they have adopted the policy of "less for more."

I honestly feel lucky if i see more than 2 local bylines in the entire first section. Everything else is AP stories, regurgitated press releases, maybe a half column story from a sister paper, and plenty of low-effort low-content reader feedback stories featuring the same circle of mouthbreathers spouting off the same drivel ad infinitum. (um.. err.. except for the occasional enlightening well reasoned opinions offered by the intelligent and charming Mrs. and Mr. Hines) The Statesman Journal's paid-for "content" should not lead me to be so well versed in the political musings of Dorian Fucking Atkins that I am able to anticipate his always offered (and printed!) ill-informed opinions before I even read them.

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