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December 15, 2013


Lucky was 12. We rescued her at 9 months and gave her a well deserved life. She was a loyal protector who watched over our family. Beautiful to watch her play and work, trying to never think of this emotional day when she would leave us for good.
Thanks Doc for your help and understanding.

I love My BEAUTIFUL ROJA, she has been with me for 15 Years .I got her when I first moved to TUCSON, actually my husband surprised me and brought her home, it was LOVE AT FIRST SITE! ROJEE has hind leg Arthritis , my husband says it is hip dysplasia! I know in the near future we will have to also put My BEAUTIFUL ROJA to sleep but I am not ready yet, I know she has a form of Dementia, but i can see that she still eats and goes to the bathroom then it is not time yet. ROJA NEVER went in the house very well potty trained but has gone in our house several time on whites carpeting, my husband bought aVery Good Carpet Cleaner and we seem to get it to look like New! I don't care about going out anymore and if I do I come home not more than 3 hours leaving her alone, ROJA had Separation anxiety I could NEVER LEAVE HER IN ANY OF THE HOUSES INSIDE, but she is Okay to leave her now inside, she rather not be outside and she could spend all the time OUTSIDE, SHE LOVEF IT! I HOPE GOD WILL GIVE ME THE STRENGTH WHEN IT IS TIME! I LOVE HER SOO MUCH😍😍😍😍😍

Good article and good comments by all those struggling with their decision.

I have always gone with the theory that the pet owner will know when it is time.

In our case our dog had all the symptoms of advanced old age and we knew it was time and had the dreaded appointment scheduled. But had to move it up when she had 2 strokes in a few hours a couple days before. She gave me one last look in the eye that said it was time.


I felt like I knew you and Serena after ready that article. I was in them moments with this Oregonian. You told a very good story here, the best nonfiction kind. I have a 14 year old dog myself. His health is going down hill. Not quite as bad as, Serena's. He has that hip dysplasia. He has a hard time with stairs, getting up and down, and they are weak. I've noticed that the muscles in his bad are hard as a rock, that must be painful. I just got done massaging him. I have a heating pad on him now while he sleep. He has a real bad tooth at the back of his mouth. I usually have him tramadol. I need to get it pulled but can't afford it. He don't seem to be in too bad of pain or I'd make a way for it, and eventually will. He is worth it to me.

I can't imagine my life without my dog. I've had him most of my adult life. I got him in my early twenties and I just turned 37. It's going to be so strange not having him there. I worry about knowing when it is time as well. Everyone tells me that I will know. But do we really? Sounds like Serena got in pretty bad shape before you made the move. Having to stand up to do a bowl movement is very sad. However, if you did wait a little later than you should have it was not too far after. Like you said she was not in bad pain. I don't want my dog to suffer a long drug out death. There is nothing worse than dying then suffering very badly along the way. No doubt.

Your post did open my mind up to it more. I knew I'd eventually do it but your post softened me up to it more. It may sound crazy but I actually worry if he has an afterlife and if so what will he think if I'm not there to take care of him. I know how that sounds and I doubt it but you never know-
I think about how I'll manage without him and him being afraid without me. I just love him so much. I look at him like a human. He has been my best friend and companion for so long. He always loved me no matter what. Dogs give you there hearts completely.

I imagine he will be around another year. Please pray that I will know when it's time. I will keep you and Serena's story with me. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm not going to proof read this so please excuse any errors.


My BEAUTIFUL SHIBA INU Roja was EUTHANIZED yesterday, she was My Baby, My Queen, I have been crying off and on for 24 hours! ROJEE was the Bedt, Smart as a Whip! My husband Lived her SO SO MUCH we got her the 3rd Day we moved to TUCSON she has been with me for 15 Loving Years! I had her Monthly groomings which she Loved, She was Immaculate! We use to walk in a Shopping Center which is where the Elite would shop, they would all run out of their shops all the time to ADMIRE ROJA, SHE WAS A BEAUTY RED COAT,AND GOLDEN RED TAIL. ROJEE started having one hind leg problems and then both started bothering her about 6 months ago, shd also lost her gearing and then got DEMENTIA! My Husband and I tried to deal with the same experiences you all went thru, put her in Rimadyl and Nuestrick for the DEMENTIA. I prayed it would helped but I was just fooling myself. The Last Nite when she st rated Peeing on her self I knew it was time plus her Stumbling and Falling got Worse and I hated to see her like that . Sunday Nite after wiping her side of Per and also Roja was. Clean Freak ROJA would have not liked her doing it on herself and also me cleaning her up! ROJA was house broken immediately, and never went BOO BOO IN THE HOUSE, but unfortunately she did. She with her BIG BROWN EYES LOOKED I AM SORRY MOMMY BUT I COULDNT HELP IT. I LOVED HER SO MUCH I got down on the floor with her and looked those BEAUTIFUL BROWN AND BAWLED SHE COULDNT HEAR ME BUT COULD SEE I WAS IN DISTRESS AND THE TEARS FELL ON HER NOSE, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SOME MONTHS SHE HASNT KISSED ME, BUT SHE KISSED MY NOSE AND LOOKED AT ME LIKE I AM GOING TO MISS YOU MOMMY BUT IT IS TIME.THAT NITE SHE SLEPT VERY CLOSE ON THE FLOOR NEAR US, USUALLY SHE WOULD MOVE AROUND AT NITE BUT DID NOT THST NITE. Called our VET yesterday got us in at11:00, and it was all over by 11:30. She went VERY PEACEFULLY! MY HEART has a BIG VOID IN IT, I MISS HER AND LOVED HER SO MUCH. TODSY I NEEDED TO POST THIS. I am Crying while I am doing this, but I wanted her to go with DIGNITY which I felt she did. I have a Beautiful Oil of her on My Wall which I had Painted last Summer. SHE WILL ALWSYS BE WITHME JUST LIKE MY DAD IS RIP! I LOVED THEM BOTH SO MUCH AND WILL MISS HER LIKE I DO MY DAD EVERY DAY😍😍😍

I don´t know if this blog is still active -- it seems nobody has written anything on it for two years -- but I''ll give it a try, for a lot of the stuff that I read here made so much sense. Cora is the name of my gorgeous, adorable 14 y.o. yellow lab. As of January 2016 her hind legs have become weaker and weaker and she's had more and more trouble standing up on her own -- most of the time she'll need help to get up. By March 2016 fecal incontinence had kicked in, and it's such a nightmare, including -- maybe most of all -- to herself. And as of some eight weeks ago there has been urinary incontinence too. Her quality of life is next to zero, but she mostly alert (she does sllep a lot during the day, but it's always been like that), still has an appetite, gets all excited when I grab her lead to take her out for a walk and seems to enjoy getting a pat (which we quite often give). We've seen quite a few vets and even had a spinal ct-scan on her: no tumors have been found, it just seems her spine is slowly degenerating. We´ve been paying for a weekly acupuncture and phisiotherapy session, but it doesn´t seem to help her recover hind-leg strength. My wife is absolutely on edge -- or past it -- with the constant messes in the kitchen, which the dog is nowadays mostly confined to. Cora will often lie on her own poop and pee and then somehow move away from the spot, spreading the mess all over the floor and herself. Whenever I'm home I keep my ears open for the scratching sounds her efforts to get up make and rush to the kitchen when I hear her, even during the night -- she will oftentimes immediately drink a lot of water (it looks like she somehow figures she doesn´t know when she'll get a chance to do that again). I've been so sad and lost wondering whether it's time to put her to sleep. I know she's not living a dignified life, but the spark in her eye is not gone yet: she can still smile and utterly enjoys a (very slow) walk. Any thoughts, anybody? Thanks.

Not sure if this blog is still up or not. But I wanted to post my story. We had to put our 10 year old German pointer/ lab mix down yesterday. It was the hardest thing I've had to do. Because I have the guilt today. The what if's.... Bud had a cervical disc issue to wear he couldn't use his front legs to walk. They were knuckling. He wasn't peeing or pooping. The vet said they would have to drain his urine by sticking a needle in his bladder and pulling it out. That would have to be done 3 times a day. When he is supposed to be strict cage rest. He couldn't walk or stand up. But he was sharp as a pin, he wagged his tail. He ate, didn't drink much. You can tell he was stressed, because he wanted to get up and go, but he couldnt. His back legs were starting to be affected as well. But I just feel like I failed him miserably. Should I have waited to see of the prednisone would ever take effect....the what if's are killing me today. I hope the feeling of failure leaves me...I pick up his ashes today. I'm not ready for that.
I just wanted to let you know I've read all of these stories, they have helped me a little. And to thank you for having this blog on here.

Wtf is wrong with you? Your dog can't control herself and you kill her outta laziness? Seriously fuck you

Hi, perfect timing I found this. Or maybe not because I'm simply searching for answers the day of our dog's last day. Oh boy. I simply wanted to let you know I found your post, and it helped me to release some emotions I was holding in. It's such a hard decision to make, for anyone, and I'm lucky I didn't have to make it myself - my parents did. But it is a hard decision to accept.
But we all love our animal friends and don't want them to suffer. I mean we spend their whole lives trying to keep them happy and avoid any pain or injury.
We have an Australian Shepherd- Catahoula Leopard Hound. Her hips have been giving out and a couple days ago she could no longer get up.
Needless to say she is very loved, she's had an excelente life.
And I hope you've been well over the years!

I know it's been a few years, but let me start by offering my condolences to you for the loss of Serena.

I have been scouring the internet for a few weeks trying to find the answer to the "should we or shouldn't we" question. I've read guidance from vets, owners, and we had a consultation with our own vet, but still couldn't make a decision. Our girl Buffy is almost 14, still eats (a lot!), still goes for walks, but does none of her activities with any pleasure any longer. She used to bounce through life. Now she slowly plods. We've been in incontinence mode for several months; she goes outside maybe 1 in 5 times.

The hardest part for us is that mentally she's still with it. She reacts to things with excitement and then it's like a wave of "oh crap, I can't do that anymore" washes over her. Today it is snowing in Seattle and there was nothing she loved more than a snow day, but she just went outside, did her business, and came back inside like it was any ordinary day. It's never been more clear that our girl is already gone.

I know everyone thinks their dog is special, but there are so many people beyond the family that love Buffy we feel the added pressure of taking her from all of them. Your message reminded us that it isn't about us or them, it's about her. She deserves to get to fall asleep peacefully before her bitter end comes. We're still deciding on a date, but we have made the decision because of your generous words and sharing your experience with Serena with us. Thank you.

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