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November 24, 2013


I am age 58. Not a hippie but a free thinker period so much of what you all talked about is what I am looking for! It's been hard to find anything on the internet. Gainesville? A possibility! Has anyone found anything yet

Looking for same .age 58. Planning for the future! What's out there????

I totally agree.. my husband is 66 and I'm 58 and we are hip and interested in culture, music and the arts and as I google, I find the same results. The communities are not like minded folks that we could relate too! But there sure are plenty of us and we need a place!

Homes bigger then "tiny" but not bigger them motor home.. with Trees! And gardens! And flowers! And music! And art facilities! Craft brewery even! I'll help someone start and organize if you have the money and the place.. lets do this! I'm on east coast .. Maine, Rhode Island..

Like others here, I am in my 60's and was in the Haight during the 60's and lived at Morningstar Ranch and Wheeler's in Sonoma county and then made my home in the Bay area until moving to Alaska in 2006. I now a small house, but am interested in moving back to the pacific northwest, Portland or Vancouver washington, maybe Northern California. I have often lived in community and think that group owned land with community space and tiny homes would be an upgrade from the cabins and treehouses of our youth. people are building co-housing complexes, I like having my own space within a community of people. Anyone else thinking along these lines? I would love to be part of a dialogue about creating or joining a community like this.

So I'm 63 in body but 25 in spirit. This post has been around for a few years now and I'm wondering if this idea ever took off? I am seriously looking, am collecting SS now and just want to be with good hearted, likeminded people. I'm not materialistic, have a kind heart, love animals, love (most) people and love God, but not religious. I have 3 rescue cats and a little rescue chiweenie. Where is my place? Where is my tribe? Are you out there?

Consider Mexico...I live in a small town 20 miles north Puerto Vallarta. Medical care, weed and beer are all reasonable (cheap), weather is perfect all year around (except some sissies don't like the high humidity in the summer.). In the evening I usually share a cocktail and a toke with any one of a dozen neighbors (we don't talk politics, religion or health issues) or I take a sunset walk and swim at the beach with my dog. Most nights there is a club with a live band where you will find a group of 60-somethings, 70-somethings and 80 somethings dancing up a storm with their 40-something children and 20-something grandchildren. Neighbors look out for each other and if and when I need it a full time caregiver it will cost me about $400-$500 a month.

so ...i guess this is why there are still no hippy retirement communities... all dreams and no actions. in our new #45 world, starting to look at europe for potential escape.

i just found this string....my story is in all of yours....please tell me you all gathered and started a place!!! I am looking for home!!! ....any assistance would be appreciated...namaste'

I'm coming way late to the game here, but has anyone found their ideal "aging hippie community"? I'm helping someone do a blog about just this kind of thing--the need for community, the turning away from convention, seeking an authentic life.... I'd love to do something about this blog thread and any communities you may have discovered. Thanks, and happy seeking!
Amy Woods Butler

Old blog post but maybe you're still there? How did this work out - now that it's 4 years later. Would be interested to hear.

I have a place to share with kindred spirits. It's a sweet, beautiful wooded property of 13 acres in the Columbia River Gorge, in Lyle, WA. I bought it many years ago (as bare land) with the intent to eventually share it with like-minded folks. I've been developing it ever since, and there's now a main house (where I currently live), a barn with goats, a chicken pen, a garden space (that I'm not very good at producing anything in), an awesome stone circle of rock pillars(!) under big open sky, an outdoor "village area" that is used for neighborhood parties, a wood-sided yurt ready to be occupied, and a spacious tiny-house ready to be occupied. Neither have indoor plumbing, and I must now build a shared shower house for them to use... to be most efficient with water-usage, and to avoid installing plumbing running in all directions. Both do have electricity, small equipped kitchens with cooking appliances, mini-fridge, and RV water tanks for drinking and small washing in a large bowl/sink. Both places are wonderfully built with love! If I can connect with the right people for this shared arrangement, we can work something out until the shower house is built. The main house can be where people do laundry, take showers, gather, etc. I am also open to one or two more people arriving with their own tiny-houses on wheels. My intent (at 60) is to share the remainder of life with a small tribe of really kind, gentle, responsible people -- in a way that we all feel safer and supported by having each other around -- and we get to joyfully live in and protect a beautiful and peaceful place. (The surrounding neighbors are kind folk too!) Please note that I do not want to be around aggravated, bossy, or combative folks (I'm into peace, joy, and laughter), nor am I willing/able to take care of people physically or mentally who cannot be balanced and take care of themselves. It is understandable that we all may move a little slower, and naturally we would care about each other's well-being, but this arrangement is not an assisted-living arrangement. It is a little more remote and self-sufficient than that. However, it's only 15 minutes from Lyle, and 25-30 minutes from Hood River, Oregon. There is snow in the winter months, and it's smart to stay stocked up on supplies to limit trips out, but I hire local people to supply firewood, shovel paths, etc. As a small tribe, we would hire for whatever outside services we need individually or collectively. It shouldn't be hard to be cooperative and fair and loving. Financially, I'm focused on protecting and maintaining the property/lifestyle... by paying the mortgage and keeping up on maintenance and necessary supplies (so that I and others can retire in peace). I'm envisioning that each residence here, whether I provide it or you bring it, contribute $600/mo to be here, as a contribution for securing our collective home. I have considered setting up an Airbnb business, but my heart's desire is STILL more aligned with sharing this living arrangement and a happy, fulfilling life with a small tribe. If you are interested, please email me at: groovysweetness@gmail.com

Susan, I'm definitely still here. But my wife and I aren't any closer to finding our perfect retirement community. The best news I can come up with is that when we visit "regular" (as opposed to hippie) retirement communities the salesperson tells us that the baby boomer types who are beginning to live there are changing the place in various ways, given the different ethos of people who came of age in the 1960s, compared to those who came of age in the 1950s.

So it is looking like some sort of hippie retirement community will come to pass in most, if not all, of the current retirement communities -- simply by virtue of the baby boomers coming to dominate among those who live in the communities. I realize that this is way different from what is optimal, but it is more realistic. We're still living on ten acres in rural south Salem, Oregon. We actually took a tour of a Salem "continuing care" retirement community yesterday and found it pretty likable.

Like most people, if we can't stay in our current home until we die, the next best thing (in our view) is to stay in the town where we have deep roots. The thought of starting over in a new town just isn't very appealing to us, though I understand why it is for others.

Hello and peace to all-The last blog I see on here is 2015--Are there any updates on an aging hippie community in the works or that has been established. ? I am a woman 69 living alone in South Dakota. I am in the land of rednecks.. My health has taken a couple serious hits the last few years and I am now thinking of where and how I want to spend the last leg of the journey. I am thinking the more peaceful and like -minded people I am around--whether living with or near to--the more beneficial it will be for me-I am a lonely little petunia in an onion patch here--and I meet few like minded folks. It is lonely--Someone please email me or post something about what is going on in this part of aging population. I so miss my people. Peace,Cheryl--I am posting my email--please feel free to write and please put hippie in subject line--Make my day!!

where did my blog go--? Please write me--cherilyn10 I am on America online--put hippie in subject line

Wow, so glad to find this blog and connect with so many like minded people. I see your posts are from a few years ago and wonder if since then anyone found a community suitable to an aging (65 this year) yoga, Qigong, meditation teacher! If you have, please let me know, I am at Yogahearted1@aol.com. I would love to talk with you :)

I am looking for exactly this type of opportunity for my older sister, but am distressed to see it all seems to have come to an end THREE YEARS AGO??? Where did you all go? Did anything every come of all this excellent energy and positive vibes?

What you are looking for is called Crestone Colorado. As far as I know it is the last Hippy haven on planet earth. Look us up on line and you will see what I mean.

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