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July 15, 2012


I gave up skateboarding when I started going to Jr. High School because back in the 70's it really was only children who were doing it-it really blows my mind to see adults skateboarding now!

You inspired me to try longboarding. I am 58 years old and just bought a Never Summer, Swift longboard ("the luxury cruise liner of longboards," sayeth Dogfunk).

It is really smooth and the slope of the driveway and roads near here are just fine for cruising. Northeast Iowa (Dubuque) is not as flat as you might think. I definitely need some protective gear though.

Going fast and smooth down hill seems to be my new obsession. It brings back memories of insane downhill speed on my old skateboard from ~1964, but that one had impossibly hard wheels that skidded on every little stone on the street -- ouch! The Swift longboard is so smooth and even runs over acorns on the driveway.

Thanks HinesSight!

Jim, congratulations! You must be good at stopping/sliding if you into going fast down hill. I've been too busy to practice much lately. I can foot break OK at slow speeds, but am clueless about stopping at higher speeds. Got to begin figuring out the whole sliding thing at some point.

Don't get me wrong... Going fast and smooth down a hill on a longboard truly is my obsession, but obsessed is not the same as attained.

As you say, the key is learning to stop and sliding seems to be the best way to stop at high speeds. Now I am obsessed with learning how to slide and stop so I can actually fulfil my obsession. I may try those gloves with "pucks" on the palms as brakes.

The is a cul de sac at the end of my downhill goal. Maybe I can learn to turn sharply enough to slow down.

In any case, it is a blast. Thanks again for the inspiration.

I'm 60 years old and a widower. I've been off skateboards since the 1970s. I bought a Kryptonite 23 inch board recently and I'm trying to ride it. Might need a longer board (I'm pretty top-heavy), but I'm determined!


I am a 56 y/o woman who got her first skateboard at age 6. It was red plywood, with steel roller-skate wheels (maybe just an inch wide). It was love, long lasting, love. I skated until I was 19 then quit. Guess I thought I had better things to do.

Now I can't seem to get this burning desire out of my head. I MUST SKATE. I am fit, athletic, and not afraid of what others think. In fact, I make it my mission to break down all notions of what should, could, can't, be done when you are young, old, man, or woman.

Thank you for sharing. I am buying a longboard today!

I am 64 and have been contemplating taking up skateboarding too. I was an avid cyclist but Honolulu's miserable traffic and roads discourages me. I now do Zumba 4 times a week so I am relatively fit. Plus I can take a fall pretty well. Stumbling upon your blog is convincing me to take the plunge. I'm like you - my mental age trails my physical age by years/decades.

I'm a woman in my 50's and just started long boarding cruising no downhills.

I love it!!! I've always loved skating and bicycling and to hell with whoever decided it's only for the young. I'm carving like anybodies business.

We should live our life and forget our age. If you're fit and you enjoy it, do it.

Lets break down these stereotype walls

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