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October 17, 2011


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Greetings, I am researching roofing companies in the Portland area and read a bunch of bad reviews on DaBella. The reviews are all a few years old. Have you heard of anything recently (good/bad/indifferent) on them?



You may want to read the recent below YELP reviews and rethink the veracity of the letter from the owner:

We needed a new roof and started getting estimates a while ago so I agreed to get an estimate from DaBella Exteriors. A solicitor set up the appointment and the next day I was to get a free estimate and a 25 dollar gas card as a gift. I checked their website and everything looked great. The web site promises no high pressure sales tactics, they would simply present the product and then let you decide. They even promise a 25 dollar gas card on the website as a gift just for getting the free estimate. The estimate turned out to be a very high pressure sales call, nothing like what they promised on the website. I spent about a half hour with the two high pressure salesmen and never even got to see or talk about their product. It's not an estimate it's a high pressure sales call and I was dumb enough to fall for it. I had previously decided that this company looks good and that I would get a new roof from them in a few months and just pay cash since I don't qualify for a loan. But now I have changed my mind. I have to question the integrity of a company that is openly saying one thing and doing the opposite. I hate to use the word dishonest but that's exactly what it really is. If their product is really as good as they say why do they need to be dishonest about selling it. I can't give any feedback at all on the quality of the product, only their sales tactics and my resulting overall view of the company. That view is not at all favorable. I didn't get the estimate, I didn't get the gas card, all I got was the most high pressure sales call I have ever encountered. I have no doubt they are taking advantage of the elderly. It is for this reason that I'll probably make a consumer complaint with the Oregon Dept of Justice Construction Contractors Board and the Better Business Bureau.

Eve N.
Portland, OR

I was concerned when I discovered that my father had been sold a 50 year roof by a sales "team" from DaBella. He is in his 80's. I was really upset when, after a little research, discovered that he was charged about twice the amount ($13k) that other contractors would've charged. It's a small house. My folks said that they were very nice, but then that's usually the case when you're being financially taken advantage of. Buyer, beware! DaBella, I hope that you're proud of yourselves.

Katrina K.
Portland, OR

Watch out for these guys!

I cannot speak for the quality of their work because I wouldn't let them lay a finger on my home. I am sure the installation professionals do fine work but the estimators/sales people scared me away so bad that I never want to hear their name again.

I called DaBella out for an estimate on a new roof and new siding. The woman on the phone was pleasant and professional but she sent out a tag-team of fools. The estimators that came out were horrible! I told them that this was a big and important project for my home and I was collecting quotes from several companies. Right off the bat they stated that they would be the most expensive quote. Okay, so they were going take measurements, go back and write up a quote, and then set up another meeting to prove to me how great they were to justify their price.

They came back a few days later to go over their quote. Then they started commenting on how nice my house is and the kind of car I drive, and that I could surely afford it. Excuse me! How dare you make those kind of inferences to me. Then they commented on "Why isn't your husband here? Doesn't he care about his home?" None of your business you fools. Then they tried to intimidate me and practically demanded to know which other companies I've met with for quotes. Again, none of your business. When I asked them a question that clearly did not follow their script they couldn't even answer me. This tag-team of fools took up over an hour of my time with their scripted pitch and I still never got a quote out of them. I had an appointment to get to and had to go. They wanted a third appointment and at that point I had to ask them to just leave.

Also, they push one brand of product only that I'm sure they have a deal with. That is fine, but when I told them I was interested in a different product they outright lied about some specs on the product I wanted so their product would look better. Do they think I'm stupid? I do my own research on everything before making a decision.

DaBella's sales tactics are horrible and they use intimidation to try to get you to sign on the dotted line. They are agressive and shady. I was so appalled by these fools I cannot even get over it. After this horrendous ordeal, I mentioned my frustration with this company, without naming names, to some other roofing/siding professionals. They all guessed who I was talking about without me ever telling them. These guys have a reputation. Stay away from them. They are bullies, liars, and fools.

Portland, OR

Their sales staff is outrageous. They take up far too much time, and get very preachy. Despite several hints, then direct requests, from us to leave since they had certainly overstayed their welcome at nearly 2 hours and were cutting into our evening time helping the kids with homework, they still hung on giving their very long-winded sales spiel. At the end we very firmly had to tell them that we would consider their bid, but not before conferring between us, or seeking some other bids. They left in a huff because we would not sign a down-payment check on the spot to get the work started. Very strong-armed sales tactics, not at all professional. More like used-car salesmen. Plus their bid was about double what other local reputable contractors were. They make a big deal about their lifetime guarantee on the roofing system, but check other contractors including Home Depot and the same system components and guarantees are available elsewhere. They also seem to be heavily involved in financing schemes. They almost could not accept the fact that we would pay for our roof with cash or independent financing of our own. They really wanted to sell a 10 to 15 year loan for the roof. Maybe they make most of their money on financing? My advise- don't even open the door to these yahoos.

After my experience and then reading some of the comments it seems pressuring the elderly is a common Da Bella sales tactic.

Today (July 31st, 2013)a Da Bella employee solicited my elderly mother's house. I (her son) happened to be over and in the backyard. I was coming inside when I heard my mother talking to somebody at the door. I could hear in her voice she was becoming more and more distressed and kept saying "No" ("No, we're not interested", "No, we don't want it", "No, please don't call us"). I hurried to the door to see who was making her so upset and why they weren't stopping. It was a Da Bella employee trying to sell roofing services. I told the man that my mother said she wasn't interested and that he needed to listen to her and respect her. The Da Bella employee didn't seem to care and went back to hounding my mother in front of me. She started getting more upset and I told the man he needed to leave. Then the Da Bella worker became even more rude and said I should leave, then in condescending voice said "bye bye", waving his hand and pointing for me to go. He then tried to go right back into his sales pitch to my mother. I told him my mother said she's not interested, were done, you can leave a flyer, that's it. He then told me Da Bella doesn't have flyers or leave information, which sounded extremely fishy. I then told him good luck (trying my hardest to still be polite) and closed the door on him (locking it just to be safe). My elderly mother was physically shaky and upset after this. She was confused why the man kept hounding her after she repeatedly said she wasn't interested. She was upset that she gave the man information, but felt so pressured by him and is now worried they'll start coming back and calling. I've filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Da Bella needs to learn to respect the elderly and that "no" means "NO".

Mr. Hines,
I was posting a negative review of DaBella Exteriors at the YELP site and found your column telling of retracting your previous negative remarks of them. I don't think you should have done so, and here's why:

Basically, here's the DaBella negative review I have posted today:

Some time back I received a written quote from DaBella on costs for replacement of two storm windows, induced in part by the promise of a $25 gift certificate for sitting still through a long-winded high pressure pitch. SHORT STORY: I was given a written bid for replacing A] a large bay windows for $9,608.00, and B] a garden window for $2,888.00. EACH of these prices were given an immediate PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT (TEMPTING!!!) of 20%, thus reducing the final price to A] $7,686.40 and B] $2,310.40 if I SIGNED UP IMMEDIATELY, which I did not.

Home Depot would later quote the bay window A] at $1,198.26 with NO discount, but taking into consideration that their final figure was some $720 LESS THAN the 20% instant discount from DaBella, and $6,488.14 less than DaBella's FINAL PRICE.

For B], the $2,888 garden window, HOME DEPOT offered two options of $592.75 for products from Jeld-Wyn and $722.90 from Milgard.

Salesman was super high pressure. I did not buy and would warn others away from this firm, which claims to treat customers 'like family'. If I had 'family' like this, I'd stay away from any reunions they held.

Incidentally, I searched for and received several other bids from companies OTHER than HOME DEPOT, and most if not all were within 10% plus or minus of the HOME DEPOT quoted prices, but none came close to DaBella's quote(s), either their original EXTREMELY HIGH PRICE, or even the 20% BUY-NOW discounted price.

Yes they are scammers. DaBella cased the neighborhood where my in-laws live. They are in their early 70’s and the sales man tried to sell them a 50 year roof too. Their final quote for a 1500 sq ft house was 24k. Seriously I just paid 5.5k for a 1250 sq foot house. They commented on the car. They asked to use the bathroom AND asked for something to drink. Spent 3 hours talking about everything BUT roofing and showed pictures of the family and whipped out a photo album. The “family” consisted of dogs because they couldn’t have children. Something is wrong with these people. They are trying to find trusting older folks willing to part with their money.

After the messed up roofing job, the broken sidewalk, and none of these problems solved in over a year I would never recommend them to anyone ever. After speaking to a few contractors, and even a lawyer we are still exploring options as to how we can take action to have these problems fixed.

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