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May 19, 2005


Thanks for posting this. I am a small business owner and when I read my letter my first thought was, "What for?" When this thought hits you, call the people sending you the letter to find out more.

When I could not find a phone number anywhere on the mailing, I did a search for the address and found this site. Thanks for confirming my thinking here. I will be contacting my local mail fraud unit tomorrow!

Received our official notice today!! They are now charging $150 and their new address is 2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard #539, Sacramento, CA 95825. Keep 'em on the run!!

I've written an Associated Content article about these crooks, which you can find at:


There is an "Email" button above the title - please feel free to send this article to anyone you know who owns a business and might be scammed at the hands of these crooks!!

Received notice today. We are a good sized insurance and investment company in Idaho. I was writing out my check request because we see so many of these notices and when I googled the form I found your blogs. Thank you! I filed a complaint with BBB.

I also received a letter from "COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD" asking for $150 and due in 10 days. It is sent from P.O.Box 9011, Temecula, CA 92589. Although the whole letter looks like it is from a government agency, the envelope has a print "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT". I then google and find out this web site to confirm my suspicion.
As the goverment do nothing to ban these crooks, I think we should inform all the business partners. We probably ask the government to have a new law that prohibit the use of the like government's document with the intention to deceit and gain money from others. In my case, if I was too busy to read carefully both the letter and the envelope (someone might just throw the envelope or do not read all the prints on the envelope), or do not found out this web site, I would become a victim of them.

Hey I just got this scam today. And guess what, they have moved to Sacramento and now charge $125.

What a bunch of scammers!

We received our Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement today. They want $125 AND all of our officers and directors names AND a copy of our annual shareholder minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold this information to other companies as well.

I Googled the address (3053 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA). This appears to be a residential area south of the downtown area. I wouldn't be surprised if this is how to "make cash working from home by stuffing envelopes". They probably send all the checks from the victims in and get a percentage of the cut. Appparently it does well as it looks like it's been around for a few years. I was given this invoice and it seemed official enough until I started reading it. We could have easily paid it had this been a "busy" day.

I'm surprised this is not considered fraud. It's obviously a blatant attempt to disguise their "service" (which is not even clearly stated!) as a governmental tax.

Thanks for the site! I hope it helps others in the future as it has helped me and the previous posters.

We got a request for our annual minutes from these scumbags located at Corporation Compliance Recorder, PO Box 66186, LA.
Since we had only been incorporated in Jan, I thought is was interesting that they wanted our annual minutes. I hemmed and hawed (whatever that means) and finally called the Atty whose office did the incorporation. They advised that this is a major scam.
I will call Michael Finney at KGO, SF, and will send out a viral email about these disgusting individuals. Please do the same.

Thank you for posting this. I just received a letter from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" saying that I need to send $150 to PO Box 9011, Temecula CA 92589. Their phone number is 866-235-7341. I almost sent it in! It's hard enough to get a business off the ground without people trying to scam you. It's disgusting that the Secretary of State is not taking action against these people. What tipped me off? I only had 10 days to pay and my minutes aren't due until December. Fortunately I was paying attention.

I just recieved the letter stating I owe $150 and wen i called the phone # 866-235-7341 it was answered by a call center girl named Marta. She did not know whe the CEO or owner of the company or anyone else affiliated with the company.
This letter was so misleading and I plan on complaining until these theives are uncovered and hopefully made and example of so more unknowing people are not taken for their money.

As I was getting my checkbook out, my gut told me to doublecheck the details, so I went online and thankfully found this blog.
Please keep me posted if there is any class action being developed which I can help out with.

I took a second to do the math-
If they are mailing out in batches of 40,000, and only get a 20% return of 8,000 letters with checks, they make $ 1.2 million off of one run. (minus postage- from my envelope I can see that they paid full not bulk- so .39 x 40,000 = $15,600.) So hypothetically, that could be an profit of
$ 1,184,400.00 on one run. Small business owners make up such a massive percentage of our country. I really hope something is done soon.

Thank you very much for your info. We just received a letter from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" P.O. Box 9011, Temecula, CA requesting $150.00. Looks like they are running around, now they have new Temecula, CA location. Probably, they are almost out of business that's why they have found the cheapest location. Anyway, thank you again for this website.

I own three some companies and got three such letters. Thanks to this web site I saved $375. Thanks to everyone for reporting this BS.

I also receieved the scam letter from The Compliance Annual Minutes Board
PO BOX 9011, Temecula, CA 92589.

I plan to send copies of this letter to my local Postal Inspection Service in Pasadena, CA as well as Pam in the Sacramento office (reference by others).

I agree with all of you...let's do our part to shut this scum down.


This may be significant information for you, the scammed public and for the authorities as well:

I received a name for the "president" of the company, Anthony Williams, and an email address for him as well: badbodysforlife@verizon.net

No joke, badbodysforlife. Sounds like a gangster to me. Thanks to all of us, a very rich gangster.

I guarantee you that the authorities are too inept, indifferent, unmimpressed by this scam to do anything about it. But if you or I don't pay a parking ticket, they will show up at our house in the middle of the night to take our car away to the impound yard.

I will pester someone at the USPS to take a closer look at this and I urge all of you to do the same.



I must admit smart idea to trick people. I almost cut a check too. But thanks to the Internet and people like Laurel, Brian and you folks I just saved a $150. If there is nothing illegal in the eye of the Justice in what they do, nothing is going to happen. That's why it is double smart I think. The only thing we can really do is keep informing people and asking our local Newspapers to write articles to let everybody know.

I received a letter from Compliance Annual Minutes Board Directors and Shareholders Annual Fee $150.00 this letter did not make sents to me so i called the number 866-235-7341 and it was a bad number.
address P.O Box 9011 Tamecula, Ca 92589. Thank you for providing this web site i almost set the check.


The letter is in San Diego California now as well. Expert Drug Testing, Inc. received the same letter as everyone else has noted. My business partner was ready to send them the info and cut the check until I noticed it said "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT" on the envelope. I Google ‘d the Compliance Annual Minutes Board and found your site. As a small business we all need to keep our eyes open on scams like this and save our money for the real bills. Visit us at www.expertdrugtesting.com to find out more about us.

I just received my letter from Compliance Annual Minutes Board PO BOX 9011, Temecula, CA 92589, now witha phone number of 866.390.1176, which of course is just a recording. So, I thought I would look this up on the Internet. Good thing I did, because I found all these other complaints. I called the BBB that handles Temecula (909.825.7280) and they have no record of them. They suggested that I call the Attorney General.

Thanks so much. It does look official and a quick google search leading me to this website saved me the $125.

Thank you creators of this site, and everybody who took their time and reported about this appalling experience with these legal pickpockets. I saved $150 thanks to you.
I received this strange letter last week from COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD with notice date as of 10/21/06 and for payment of $150 due on 10/31/06, mailing address COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD BUSINESS PROCESSING DIVISION, PO BOX 9011, TEMECULA, CA 92589. It has my corporation number, right name and right address. I am pointing this, because I have corrected them just two weeks ago (before, there was misreporting and I have called Sacramento to correct it). There were two more agencies that I have recently reported corrections of my address: D&B and SBA. I have never received this type of letters before.I do not want to think that these agencies are sharing our information; I think somehow those gays have access to the secure websites, which is really dangerous think.
Thanks again, Flora

I received today what is called an Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement from a company called Corporation Compliance Recorder, P.O. Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066. This scam is asking for a $125.00 "Disclosure and Processing Fee". The suspicious looking logo, pre-stamped control number as well as the short payment due date was enough to research this letter and lead to your informative site. Thank you.

I just got the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement and was about to pay it when I realized it was probably a very clever fake. Then I found this site. I posted a complaint at USPS mail fraud site online, and also sent the fake solicitation to USPS mail fraud office in Sacramento. The person who answered the phone at CCC tel 866 833 4085 had to ask whether her company was a state org or not, and then said she was just an answering service. I told her to get another job!

Thanks for posting this.

I got the same mail from a Corporate Filings Division in Sacramento. Went on google, typed in their postal address (9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA 95826) and your site came up.

I knew it's fishy because it didn't have any official California seal and there was no official state government department name associated with it. Your site confirmed it's a scam.

I got the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement. but take note that it tries to protect itself from being sued or otherwise as postal fraud."California B&P Code: 17533.6 This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this office is not beign made by an agency of the government. U.S.C 39 & 3001(d). This is a solicitation for the order of services, and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this office unless you accept this offer by submitting this disclosure statement, the corporation certifies the information contained herein is true and correct." what a laugh... always look at small print.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I received the "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" requesting that I send $125 to their address at 3053 Freeport Blvd #310, Sacramento, CA 95818. I am including the address with this post because many people find this site by googling the address. With small businesses trying to survive the deluge of legitimate paperwork, it is easy to be taken in by as scam such as this. I belong to several listservs and plan to post a warning about this scam on all of them. Again, thank you.

I received the "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" today - this one asking for $175 annual fee to be mailed to 9175 Kiefer Blfd. # 312, Sacramento, CA 95826 by 11/14/06. I knew it was phony because the annual fee is only $25.

Thank you!

I received the similar letter from "California compliance recorder" asking for $125 before Nov. 13th, $175 if I missed that date. I started filling up the forms but became skeptical in the end and decided to google and landed up here.
Thanks a lot for the blog. I owe you a beer.

I too received the letter "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from The Corporation Compliance Recorder at PO Box 66186, Los Angeles CA 90066 requesting $125 before 11/13 or remit $175 if date missed. I was baffled not knowing why or who would want this information, so I went on line & THANK YOU! you took a load off my back. This is our 1st new business & bad enough I'm a bit weary of the year end out come & if I've been handling my books correctly. THANK YOU for being here! :)

Just to confirm some info - I live just down the street from the 3053 Freeport Blvd address in Sacramento - its a UPS Store ie an old Mailboxes Etc. location, so that's where you are being asked to send your checks to.

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