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July 27, 2004


Tomorrow will be 7 days of battling YJ's .. I'm two cans of foam killer, one can of RAID, one palmolive dish soap and 6 sleepless nihhts into it. These suckers are smart. The nest is under / in the wall of our house where we enter / exit. Last night I sealed a box to their entrance thinking they'd all fly into it and I could gas them w RAID. Do you know the team sent 5 to check it out and die for the others???? I know cause this afternoon I placed a window on top to peer in. Amazing how smart they are. Tomorrow I might take the day off and see if they come into my box in greater numbers .. or could they be tunneling their way to a new opening .. shit they are aren't they. Desperate to KILL YJ"s in Harrison, NY. Beeeeezzzzzz

A multi-pronged attack worked for us in lower Alabama where it doesn't get cold enough in winter to kill...1st locate the entry hole....after dark, insert a liter bottle filled with gasoline into the hole and run like hell. 2nd night, build a wood fire, not leaves or brush, 20 yards distant in late afternoon. Allow coals to accumulate...after dark, scoop shovel of hot coals containing little ash and deposit into hole...the gas fumes from the night before will not explode (at least, it never has here) and the hot coals will incinerate the nest. Observe hole with strong light for several minutes...repeat process a few times and finally tamp coals into the ground and cover with dirt. Warning, do not shovel coals within a few moments of using the gasoline unless you are a sprinter/hurdler of renown.

My method for ground nests, which has never failed and never resulted in a sting, is to wait until night, douse the hole with gasoline (about 8 ounces), then light it up. While the ground is burning, I work the soil around the hole with a pointed metal bar to ensure the flames penetrate the nest. It's definitely brute force, but very effective.

Similar story here, weed eating and YJ's attacked my weed eater and finally one nailed my finger, YJ's 1, me 0. BIG mistake for the YJ's. I went through the garage and shed looking for various WMD's. Nothing overly useful as I did not want to kill the rose bush over the nest. Only one weapon made sense, Home Depot's 'Amdro Gopher Gasser' that I've been using during ongoing asymmetrical warfare against a stubborn guerrilla underground mole adversary. Remember 'Caddyshack'? I gathered my weapons and tools and headed out at midnight. In my possession was a Benzomatic map gas plumbing torch, bucket of dirt, Gopher Gasser stick and flashlight. After approaching the nest entrance I placed my flashlight on the ground pointing directly at the 2 sentries milling about just inside the entrance. I 1st light my gasser stick and then thoroughly torch the entrance with the map gas torch, 5,300 degrees. Snap, crackle and pop. Insert the gasser stick, dump the dirt over the hole and 'run away, run away, run away'. This morning the dirt pile is undisturbed and nothing is flying. I placed a little cross over the mass grave and drank a glass of champagne. YJ's 1, Me 9,385. Now, back to those little mole fuckers.

yellow jackets are bad today yellow jackets sting nash love im was cut grass today i saw yellow jackets in the yard

I just discovered yellow jackets under my front cement steps and the hole is very small and in the dirt right next to the house. I tried to get one in a jar because I didn't know what they were, and I was bitten on both hands. But I was successful. They are very active and continuously flying in and out. Haven't any idea how to get rid of them because of the location. I willl probably have to hire a professional. So far they haven't bothered me when I go in and out of the house.

I am into week 2 now of trying to eradicate the yj in the ground near my front door. I think I'm going to try to vacuum them next as that seems like the simplest cheapest most effective means. I've tried two cans of spray, glass bowl, and was about to do boiling water w/vinegar in it, but then had realized they have situated hole #2 (I have hole #1 covered) in a place where I cannot get to it without cutting back the bush to a ridiculous extent and I'm fairly certain they won't allow that. I put out a syrup trap tonight just to see what would happen and have a can of raid kill stuff ready too but the vac seems so easy and smart. Will post more later. Fun site - 8 years of posts!!!

I am vacuuming them today. It's working. I don't know if I can get them all this way and the hole is still inaccessible so I'm not sure how I'm going to keep them from a resurgence yet.

Wow. All these posts. Its not just me. I have a bee allergy and a bee phobia. Imagine how i feel about yj. Ninja wasps that build their army under ground all summer then attack... Everything. Honey bees, pets, kids, people, cars, camera s, rc helicopters. 1st i drowned them in termite dust. Then 7 dust mixed with black pepper and cajun seasoning. During the day. Dump and run. Man they were pissed. I could see them, 5 ft out of my front window. Trying to get back home for bed. Ha ha.

Here is my sure fire way to kill the yellow death known as yellow jackets.
My wife actually took it of a web site a few years ago after she got stung.
It uses no sprays that might harm you or other creatures.
Take a Shop-Vac and sneak up to the hole that is the entrance to their nest. Make sure the Shop-Vac is off. What I do is don't have the Vac plugged in and the switch on at this point. Place the nozzle over the hole and stabilize it with a brick or a stone. Then get the hell away from it.
Plug in the Vac and just let it run for about 2 hours or when you can't see any yellow jackets in the area.
Now after you have sucked up most of the population don't let the curiosity get to you.
As god as my witness they are all still very much alive in there and in a highly pissed off state .
With the Vac still running bring a tea pot full of boiling water to the nest opening and simple suck up the water using the Vac.
Turn it off and let it sit there for 5 or 10 minutes. Then you can open up the Vac.
You will find you have a nice size portion of very dead yellow jacket soup.

I just saw this article and the best thing I've ever seen to kill YJ's , wasps( we have huge red wasps here in MS), hornets, etc...is an old "county folks" trick....take 2 oz. of dawn or ivory dishwater detergent and add to 1 gallon of water in a portable sprayer, I use a 25 gallon tank sprayer myself, but the small sprayer will work fine. turn the nozell to a stream...and spray directly into the hole, nest, hive...I do it in the day time and have never been tagged. Nighttime is ok, but this simple mix will kill them immediately. Something about the soap causes them to suffocate. Any critter in the nest will die immediately. I've never had them come back to the hole or nest. You "green folks" will be happy cause it doesn't hurt the environment at all. I've used it 100's of times and works every time.

If all else fails only one safe sure non fired tried way to remove them
You will need
1 shop vac
1/2 gallon of water
Power cord
Set vac hose up at opening night time preferred
Have water in bottom of shop vac plug in turn on and wait
Depending on how big the colony is it may take a few days of running the vac

When you hear no more "THWUMPING"bees Beeing sucked up the hose
Leave on for another few hours and watch when vac is off
If nothing in a day or so about 99%are gone then fill the hole
The queen will starve and die within a few weeks

Well me .........I'm deathly allergic 1 bite or even a wasp brushing against my skin I need to be at hospital 5 min or use my EPI PEN I hate that

And I've removed about 75 nests and never had a trip to hospital
Play safe

Great forum, I got stung today 8 - 10 times while weedeatering in the garden and disturbing an underground Yellow Jackets Wasp nest. That was about 8 hours ago and my legs are still itchie. Looking for extinguishment methods, and opted for Napalm, Diesel and Mineral Oil. The tip with the rag over was very good, after filling the hole with Napalm. I soaked the rag in oil and flattened that over the hole after the Napalm was poured. Then lit the mix. That had been burning for about 45 Minutes and hopefully killed the lot. I used a HP Sodium light in the garden so the wasps may think it was a streetlight. No wasps came out during the ordeal. I used a 500ml Jam jar about 3/4 full with petrol and lots of styro foam to make the Napalm.

These tales are hilarious😊😊😊I'm going after two nests tonight In the Rain💦💦💦I have 5 cans of spray and even though it's summer my snowmobile suit is going on... Belaclava Too!

Damn things have been in the garden shed all summer so I can't even cut the lawn there... And now they have a new subdivision by the sidewalk.

I'm out for yellow blood and there's no eviction Notice being posted!!!

I have a nest somewhere under my shed.they come and go threw the same location but I cannot see the nest. Does anybody have an idea or know of a product that can get rid of them?

Any ideas for yj removal for when they are under a brick house? Their front door is the vents in the brickwork and their back door is literally the door to exit under the house.....

A YJ stung my dog on her eye lid and her eye swelled shut, then I went out to see what had happened and got stung three times. This behavior will not be tolerated! My problem is that the hole is underneath a hosta plant. I have to figure out how to hold the leaves of the hosta back while simultaneously spraying the Raid. This has been a rotten summer so far. We have also seen 6 snakes this year. We can no longer enjoy our back yard. as Arlo Guthrie says, "I want to kill, kill, I want to see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth, deep dead burnt bodies. I mean kill."

Ground next near front door. Took shop vac and put dish soap and water 1/3 full. Took pipe extensions to vac hose, slowly inched up to entrance. Ran for 3 hours as they returned home early evening. Looks like we got them all, no poison!

I have a nest underground or maybe I should say several ? I have located what seems to be center of the worst. There are hundreds of small holes in the vicinity. Last summer I battled them for 4 months and finally seemed to have wiped them out. This summer they are coming back. Whats the best way to handle these ?

We found a nest of yellow jackets above The Pavilion kill the nest with water but now the yellow jackets so going into hole in the Pavilion in the attic outside. If i go up in the attic and shine a light to find the nest. It says stay away 3 to 4 ft away from the nest. Will the yellow jacket come n sting me

My husband and I recently acquired an old ranch with many fruit trees and lots of insects, which we find very cool, however, many pathways to gardens and doorways are also locations the yellow jackets found suitable for nests. After repeated attacks while simply walking near the nests we began looking online for solutions. We found information that truly helped us reduce our infestation. We followed instruction to go out late at night with pots of boiling water mixed with a few drops of peppermint oil, a known natural bug killer, and we quickly doused the nests. Worked like a charm on every nest. Prior to ‘bringing on the flood’ at one of the yellow jacket nests, we encountered one guardian wasp at the entrance who quickly escaped death. He didn’t attack us, which surprised me, as I was expecting it, but simply flew out and has been seen hovering what used to be his home. I recommend this method over chemical spraying, for obvious reasons. None are humane, but environmentally safer solutions are out there.

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