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June 04, 2018


Human awareness can be trained to be part of Cosmic awareness by discarding energy sapping emotions/acts like lust, anger, excited state of mind, gluttony etc. Himalayan yogis some of them are receiving energy directly from sunlight without food, they are called sun gazers.

Hi Brian
It was a good book the first time around, and I'm excited to read the new edited version (kindle... I travel the country for my work).

Would you consider a candid and updated introduction by the author (looking back)? One that, perhaps, acknowledges progress in the fields of neuroscience and physics, and possibly, the perspective of a true, mature Atheist (creation is still sacred, maybe more so today, and its mysteries just as wonderful, and miraculous, if we understand that term no longer as supernatural, but more wonderfully part of nature, without the overlay of an all judging personality, or conceptions of "holy" that condemn rather than elevate, and a culture bound morality that inevitably leads to bigotry, territoriality and bloodshed)? The book would have a broader appeal to the non - religious, and it would establish your version of Atheism as inclusive of religion and spirituality as natural steps toward this more inclusive objectivity. We let go of beliefs, and embrace Truth.

I just plugged down $12.99 for Evan Thompson's Walking, Dreaming, Being in Kindle. It's beautifully written but way too conceptual, focused on details that undermine his own thesis. And his own personal experiences way too limited.

I think you have an opportunity here, Brian, building upon a beuautiful work from your own hand.

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