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October 16, 2017


Anonymous, the entire Path of Sant Mat is based on quotations from past Masters,and Saints.

Charan wrote two books on the Bible, along with John Davidson’s massive book about Jesus.

And Dr. Stone wrote “The Mystic Bible” no longer in print by RSSB , but sells used for $300 and up, when ever it is found. Its all Bible Teachings.

The Apostle Paul, never saw Master Jesus in the flesh, and was his enemy,...until the Radiant form of Jesus appeared to him while riding his horse, and the Lght was so Bright, he fell off his horse on the way to Damascus to persecute Christians.

The Light was so bright, that Paul was blinded. Jesus spoke to Paul, as Charan spoke to me, in his Radiant Form.

Paul was told to go to Damascus and find a Master named Ananias to pray for him, which he did, and was initated in to the Path.

He became a Master who wrote most of the New Testament in the Bible.

His Epistles is the history of the transition from Judism to Christianity.

What have you got against the Bible?


Jen said :
"""Surely men will have to strive on this earthly plane to vanquish lust otherwise they will be severely tempted on the inner planes.""

Jen, if you knew what Charan answered about this
you would take back your arrogant words like lightning

Same for all judgements and so many times using on this blog vulgar words
instead of the original simple figure



Well, 777, showing your true colours at last, calling me arrogant, and saying I use judgements and vulgar words. What a joke! You are supposed to be the faultless, faithful, enlightened satsangi!

Spiritual Gems: extracts from the letters of Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji to seekers and disciples:
Page 43

"The world is the design of Kal and maya, the negative forces. To keep the soul down, they based the structure of the world on couples, man and woman. If both man and woman were to catch the sound of Nam and rise up, both would be free. Here, one holds down the other. And because we have not seen the other side of the whole picture, we take our present existence and our surroundings as the normal affair. Strictly speaking, we are living an abnormal life.

Page 44
Those who indulge in kam for the sake of indulgence are doing no good to themselves. To hide their ignorance or weakness, they call this indulgence a physiological necessity and have gone to the extent of advocating the use of contraceptives etc. All that is due to the weakness of human nature. Those who indulge for the sake of children should try to control themselves when they have the required number of children...

Again, to indulge after conception, and so long as the child is dependent upon the mother, is something inhuman. Here again, to defend our weakness, we may propound any code; but weakness is weakness, and no amount of defence will convert it into strength."

Wow, what a different world it was then. So different to Gurinder's approach now!

Concerning Lust, one of the Five Passions:

I was at a question and answer session where this young guy (a millennial) maybe in his early 20s asked Baba Ji about dating and casual sex in today's world.

As I am just a bit older than the questioner and from Gen. X still at first I could not accept the answer. Baba Ji's answer went something like this: "Yes in today's world it is harder to build a relationship without the element of sex. But by and by one should try to control it and lessen its use."

I now see how accurate Baba Ji's teachings are to the teachings of old, as Sawan Singh Ji also explained that lust can some what be controlled by our minds. But ultimately true control will only come threw grace and contact with the Shabd. So Baba Ji's reply from the top of his head shows mastership of the path and its teachings, imo. And replying to a millennial twice as young as he -at that.

Supporting Quote:
"Kam ordinarily means lust or passion or indulgence in the sensual desires as opposed to self-control; but in its wide sense, it means all outward tendencies of the mind."
-Sawan Singh Ji

[This is quote defining lust not only from a sexual sphere but as anything that can be indulged in, or anything that can keep one's focus away from Naam - Seems that the only difference in Baba Ji's style of teaching Sant Mat is that it's all from memory and Baba Ji has yet to have written any books.]

To Karim , 777 and others who have voluntarily confessed to be Muff Divers and, or, Flute blowing Satsangis, or Ex Satsangis.

Are you doing your Simran of the Five Names during giving Oral Sex?

Simran is supposed to be going on 24/7 by inititiated Satsangis.

Simran is suppossed to be the “Tool” used to raise the soul above body Consciousness, while stopping the Mind from binding the knotted soul.

So, how can the soul escape from the mind using tongues for Oral Sex?

The tongue is not used in performing Simran.

Maybe there is becoming a new, Sant Mat Mantra , that is Hummed?


:Quoting Jim:

"To Karim , 777 and others who have voluntarily confessed to be Muff Divers and, or, Flute blowing Satsangis,"

I admitted to a truth that I've pleasured women in the past. But then you add to my words other things that are your own judgements when you don't know me or If I've risked my life to save other peoples lives. Yet I'm not bothered much by your judgements because I know I was being truthful, yet I still done claim to being a human without sin or weakness of the flesh.

Do you claim you are without sin, Jim? If you can truthfully claim that the more power to you.

Sadly, I could have taken a jab at you for your comment downplaying Islam before. When Sant Mat as taught by even your Master Charan Singh Ji accepts all religions and would never advocate the downplaying of anyone's religion to which they were born. Especially another disciple's or a honest seeker. And Islam has many different doctrines highly misunderstood even by Muslims.

Yet I don't feel it would be right to take a jab at Christianity like you did Islam. As Baba Ji even teaches that all the major religions are accepted into Sant Mat. So your judgements are something you will have to answer yourself for to Jehova/Allah/Radha Soami or which ever name you give to the One God of Abraham.

The Holy Bible says;
"Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." Mathew 7:1-2 KJV


"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone" John 8:7 KJV

On Simran; it is to be repeated anytime the mind is free from active thought. Done to help the practitioner still the mind and hone in to catch the Shabd that is ever resounding in the eye center.

Good luck to you Jim! :)

Jim yes you confirmed you are obsessed with sex thoughts! Thats for sure now.

Anonomous writes,...”Jim yes you confirmed you are obsessed with sex thoughts! Thats for sure now.”

Me:.....I traveled accross the planet to get a break from discussions about sex, considering that Sex and Politics in the U.S. has been in the News Media daily, since the Presidential election.

It never seems to end. It has always been the Elephant in the room, but it surfaced as daily dscussions since Pres. Bill Clinton was caught receivieving oral sex in the White House, and said to the Amercan people on live T.V. ....”I have never had Sex with that woman.”

Since then, youngsters in school do not consider going oral each other Sex!

Then, Clinton’s Haram of infidelity and sexual escapades surfaced, and it has never ended to this day!!

In fact, it has now become so ramped and has surfaced in present Politcs, among elected Officials, Hollywood, Sports Stars, Police, Colleges and Under Graduate Schools, and it goes on, day, by day, by day, with another new sexual scandel a day appearing on the Media,

And, let’s face it, India has as many, if not more, sexual scandals, among Gurus, Lamas, and Monks!

So, to accuse an old man like me that has to pray to take a piss, let alone to even think about sex, is about a big a Joke as it can get.

So, I travel to India to join a “SPIRITUAL RETREAT” according to the Dera Brochure of Instructions, of how to act, and what to expect, and I expected to escape the usual daily Sex jokes I hear daily on T.V. and the Political scene, and I expect to hear from God In Human Form how to access the fastest Path to Sach Khand.

And what do I hear from the Master, His Self?

Quote Guriinder,....”do you like buts? Do you still like your wife’s but? Do you know what a 69 is?”

So, it should be no surprise that I am I’m in a captive audience of sexual deviants, and can’t even find any refuge away from sex discussion here, among Satsangis and Ex Satsangis, and supposedly, Spiritual Seekers!!!

So, why would I have sex on my mind?

Excuse me. I need to go mediate, and do Simran so I mght be graced long enough to take a piss.

To you males under 70, don’t laugh, because your turn is coming!!


Jim wake up you talk about oral sex and butts for more than a month now. Its you and only. Gurinder joked but you are rabling all the time. I feel kinda sick now...sorry ...but you are the problem you are talking about. And my but was of no sexual mean and i hope you will not turn to it. I think you are the problem but i still wish you well.

I have just one question to ask you people (Do you give time to meditation regularly?)
If we meditate regularly we will have no questions, no doubts and would never judge because we would know the truth from our own personal experiences 🙏

Wonderful sharing and comments. Speaking of imperfection I too have one thing I'd like the perfect living master, their original title, to walk back: they stated unequivocally that as as PLM they had no former past lives. Only we mere mortals had them, which we cannot recall. I beg to differ on such fine points. I do recall my lives and those around me and have a lead on gurinder life as well.

Again this talk was simply to leave the initiate barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen with an apron girding the loins lol. I believe in Sant mat not because of any masters but because of one fine wonderful thing I heard charan say in the winter/Christmas dera visit I had before he died. He said if we knew the depth and connections we had to the satsangis we encountered we would never want to part from them.

Thus it was all about detachment then and now.


Hi Heloise

You wrote
"as a PLM they had no former past lives"

I'm sorry but this is false. Please provide a specific reference to any Sant Mat book.

In this instance the person who needs to walk back their claim is the one who told you this false statement.

Or you have mis-heard or misunderstood something.

Saints are just like you and I. They may have been pulled to duty for any number of reasons. They may have done this duty before or are new to it in this life.

But if you can find something stating otherwise from the books I would love to be informed otherwise.

We should all be responsible for any accusations we make about others. As we hope they should be about us.

It's a golden rule thang.

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's only me, and I walk alone
I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one, and I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone and I walk a
My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I walk alone

Chèr Sean,
Consider it done
Just Look and then Hear

Endless Love


If it was easy there was no creation
next : pray for all

We are ALL Duality Creatures, and will remain so, until we HATE every single material memory we remain attached to, including the Physical Form of our Master, every one of our Relatives, i.e Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, all blood reletves, friends and Associates, or people in general.

Then, our Pets, Cattle, Homes, Auto, Scooters, and every single possible attachment. We only are attached to what we remember in THIS lfe, but in Meditation, we become exposed to past lives, and more past attachments and Samsaras of our Higher Soul Selves.

Are there any among us who are 100% ready to permanently depart Duality to merge in to Oneness of THE ONE , and remain there , deleting all of our past created Dualities and karma?

Or ..are we all just blowing smoke and Bull Shitting and trying to one up each other?

I like my Duality, as long as I can come and go from here to the Void , and return when ever I sit in Meditation.

Jim Sutherland

Osho Robbins is a big lier.
All fake allegations.
All are fake.

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