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May 03, 2017


This battle between "free will" and "determinism" has been the supreme enigma for all thoughtful devotees and keen thinkers forever. I certainly agree with the following: "...We must remember that this analysis suggests that the real causal mechanisms underlying behavior are never present in consciousness. Rather, the engines of causation operate without revealing themselves to us and so may be unconscious mechanisms of mind."

Thank you, Brian. In my experience, the only answer to the great enigma is that both free will and determinism are co-existent. It seems impossible but the paradox is easily resolved if we can surrender the egotism involved with every choice we make. But this surrender goes deep and the greatest sages, mahatmas and saints spend their entire lives trying to perfect submission and surrender to a "higher authority" (instead of the often desecrated word "God"). It is a different situation if surrender is not a priority or goal.

Not my will but Thy will be done.

YES You are right

Everything when entering the 1/7 time_spac_environment_heaven is illusion
not to speak of what we have here
Only in the Love is a particle of the reality we take with us

Next by ascese one can come up to the 3/7 sphere ( in the golden yoga )
and of course also with love, even the Love for the illusoir proctor there
All these places are states of consciousness

But if Love on this planet can be excited a lot, Big Time by a meeting
you can only exist in the 7/7 heaven
and be very exalted being The Almighty Creator, without hate without fear,
the Being without time, Self existent, Yes The Master, Many Masters
flowing in from all possible creations and other things where even time never existed
a wonder and you never stop enjoying all that

Perhaps looking for a new adventure among Zillions to the power of Xillion examples

Lots of not IQ_plagued RSSB Satsangis do it in a week, some years perhaps
and you don't even have to be the best meditator

And this Love
so nice that you can effectively ask for that phenomenon


Many of these writers first read Brian's blog
next repeat what they found


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