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August 19, 2013


In my years of attending the present Masters' satsangs I have never heard him utter the words that he would like his disciples to do more Seva... Only to attend to your daily meditation which is each initiated seekers primary objective.. OR it should be, shall I say.
After all when you sit in meditation reciting those 5 words that Master has shared with you, you are paying homage to the gate keepers of those 5 upper realms to grant you save passage through them.
I'd be more bothered about that and getting that sorted rather than worried about a sevadar asking me where to stand...

Time of death -
You - Oh Master Radha Soami have you come to take me back home?...
Master - Hmmm well how much meditation did you attend to in you life?...
You - Not that much Master, I'm sorry please forgive me...
Master - How come?...
You - I was consumed with judging how your sevadars and the RSSB operated and that took me away from doing my meditation!
Master - If you spent your life in judging others how can I forgive you for your wrong doings and take you home if you can't forgive others from doing what they did?
Those sevadars represent me, the path represents me, if you were unhappy then why are you here now asking me to take you home. My home is no different.

Forgive and forget people remember life is too short to hold a grudge, our time here is a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.

God bless,

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