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November 26, 2012


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As the 'self' or 'I' is only a construct formed through brain processes then there can be no-one 'in there' making choices. While the belief (or hope) in a 'self' separate from the brain/body exists then the concept of free will will always arise. No 'mind', 'I', 'me', or 'self' means no 'chooser'. Choices then 'happen', based on environmental and culural conditioning, memory and experience, genes and so on. Once our brains evolved enough to create a 'self' concept then that strong illusory identity had to be maintained - enter the realm of belief and confusion.

"Choices then 'happen', based on environmental and culural conditioning, memory and experience, genes and so on."

---The mentioned "Choices" are occuring through mental conceptual cognition, with influences of environmental and culural conditioning, memory and experience, genes and so on.

Agree with Ron Elloway.

Thought cannot be personalised.


Why not?

There may or may not be a spot in our brains
which brings everything together in one place.

But, it does not mean this spot has a persona, or is a WHO, or has a soul, or has free will, or can be saved.

Who am I ?

answer: I am not a WHO

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