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September 17, 2012


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Jesse, you really are going to be just fine. When I woke up, I also thought 'whoa, i can't believe I was really in a cult' It was just so wierd, infact, I still sit and think about how I was blind for so many years....
The best part of waking up is realizing your life actually stays the same without having to waste so much fear and guilt for not meditating 2.5 hrs everyday, eggs,etc, etc..

It is the documented lies in the Beas
books that are shocking. Shameless lies.

Do you go to Al Capone for love ?

I feel honored that Mike Williams responded to a post about me. I've been reading the comments posted by Mike and Tara in an attempt to wrap my mind around what has been haunting my life for years. Your words have broken down the walls of at least one of my mind's prisons. Thanks a lot.

RSSB may be a false but it does not mean all mystical traditions are false. Pythogoras, Plato, Socrates, Thales etc. were all mystics of the highest order.

When we find a way to travel time and we can go back to talk with those guys we'll have a better clue as to how high their orders were. Or how tall they were.

I see issue with the word mystic itself.


There is a deference between spiritualism and materialism. The road of spiritualism is a very hard and goal can be achieve after long struggle. The seeker of truth can achieve his goal only through the meditation. Only the person can get result through the meditation. if we fail to do our meditation then nothing will get no realization will be received. Before comments we will remember the words of mystics that where we stand.

Why i can never chew when someone is saying we must do that we must achieve that,we must live like that and so on we we we, go and meditate if you want and let others do what they want.

Jeet, there are many kinds of meditation. Many techniques, many goals.

For example, Buddhist meditation aimed at insight into the nature of reality, emptiness, is very different from meditation aimed at achieving some sort of "mystical" experience.

There is meditation aimed at concentrating the mind, and there is meditation which expands into choiceless awareness.

And then there are spiritual paths which don't emphasize meditation at all. Most of Christianity, for example. So it doesn't seem true that meditation is essential for spirituality. And even if it is, there are so many kinds of meditation, almost anything can be called "meditation."

(Walking mindfully is meditation; Tai Chi is called meditation in motion.)

Quite a delicate matter to explain..after so many years of being loyal to a spiritual Master.
I perfectly share the feelings of Miss. Jesse, alas!..., as I remember being greatly displeased with 'sewadars'when being guest at Dera itself!. Let me point out these sewadas are o occidental origine, not indians.
I see something 'very dfferent' when looking at this Master, and, immediately after..., looking at all the peole engaged in his service.
More personal experiences prove me that something very wrong is going to travest the once scented aroma of Swami Ji days....

Of course the most uneasy momnent is that one of being confronted with the somehow selfish attitude of those supposedly sharing with yu a spiritual adventure. Very uneasy.
I am afraid that the same sentiment pervades all spiritual movements, religious or not. Taken one by one humans are diamonds., taken as a group they became burning coals!

Thanks to consider, Aiendes+*+

Most Holy God bless u, I share a vision of my wife (a diplomat) who was lifted up in heaven on 2nd Jan 2014 stood in front of throne and God spoke to her in loud and furious voice that go on Earth back and tell the people that something Unique will happen on Earth in May 2014 which never happened before. Save the people who wana be saved and leave the rest. She did not share this vision except me to anyone because already many people told this kind of vision but God had mercy and gave more time to the world to be prepared for heaven but this time He was not looking in the mood to give more time and Grace. So I wana share it with no discrimination of caste or religion, white or black, rich or poor, innocent or sinner, king or beggar. It is the Will of Lord Jesus Christ to tell the message of deliverance to everyone not any particular group of people. To the workers of Lord Jesus Christ, I request do it with the speed of racehorse not at the pace of snail or tortoise. Spend much money on big conventions, seminars not only on Sunday but 24x7 encourage each other and try to be philanthropists. Don’t hate anyone but give the message of God to everyone. Any one who read this message, don’t care the people what they do around u but seek the Will of God in ur lives He will tell u what to do. KL Angora

If we're flagrantly disregarding the rules then he could've sold the books at a huge markup and pocketed the difference. The funds can then be spent on delicious meat and intoxicating substances.

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